Gunning for Gingrich (Limerick)

Tonight’s Drake University, Iowa Republican Presidential Debate, hosted by ABC News and moderated by Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos, looks to be pivotal:

Gunning For Gingrich (Limerick)

They’re gunning for Gingrich tonight.
Opponents are poised for a fight.
The GOP’s freaking:
No more are they seeking
Non-Romney, with Newt as their plight.

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2 Responses to “Gunning for Gingrich (Limerick)”

  1. stan chaz says:

    The circus…..goes on, and on, and on. More than ever, as I look at the sorry set of Republican “rivals” on the other side, I am THANKFUL to have Barack Obama as President, and as a viable candidate for re-election. Mr. Obama: your heart, your values, and your basic decency are all in the right place. BUT…your hands are tied. Unfortunately they were tied by us, the electorate…..when we failed to provide you with a Congress that you can work with. Instead, you are saddled with a filibuster-everything-but-don’t-tax-the-1%-do-nothing Congress that battles you at every turn, while the people SUFFER. God, they don’t EVEN let you pass your own appointments and nominees! It’s not Tea-publican gridlock -it’s Tea-publican sabotage. Heck, it’s Tea-publican treason….while the 99% BLEEDS. It’s toxic. It’s destructive. It’s un-American. It’s un-acceptable. And it’s WRONG. And then they try to pin the blame on Mr. Obama! These people have no shame…or else its been purchased by those who can afford to do so. Struggling in her final years, Grandma gets a meager Social Security check, and they DARE call it “socialism”. Give me a break! (and Grandma too!) Thankfully, with Occupy Wall Street, America has found its voice: a voice that reminds us that people –ordinary down-to-earth working people– really DO matter. NOT “corporations are people” people , but R-E-A-L people! REAL people who are working two and three jobs just to keep up, REAL people who play by the rules -but struggle to survive and raise their children, REAL people trying to live and trying to retire with some dignity and security, REAL people looking for work, and REAL people that will graduate or come back from war and find no work…REAL people who deserve a piece of the pie, but are pushed away from the table……..while the rich become richer and more powerful at our expense…and democracy goes to the highest bidder. Tea-publicans clamour for even M-O-R-E tax-breaks for the 1% and insist on M-O-R-E corporate-loopholes….while “job-creators” send our jobs overseas…. and try to buy every politician in sight. They praise trickle-down economics, but their trickle-down voodoo just leaves most of us out in the cold, and no better off. We’ve had enough! WE”RE FED UP! iNSTEAD of talking about L-E-S-S government, instead of L-E-S-S taxes on the 1%, instead of M-O-R-E corporate welfare, instead of M-O-R-E painful cuts to those who can LEAST afford it…..INSTEAD of all that crap, Occupy is a voice that demands a government that WORKS, a government that works FOR ALL OF US, not just for a favored few….NOT just for the rich. Occupy is a voice that comes up from the grassroots, and lifts us up in turn: because it insists that this land IS our land…and that we WANT IT BACK! It’s a voice that will help us re-elect the President AND give him a more progressive people-oriented Congress -a Congress that will work WITH Mr. Obama and FOR the 99%! Mr. Obama: I wish you well ….because you STILL give us hope!

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks for your comment, Stan.