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Suffering From Bloomberg-Envy … Or Just an Idiotic Egomaniac?

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Oh, lovely! Ralph Nader  is threatening to run for President again:

Suffering From Bloomberg-Envy … Or Just an Idiotic Egomaniac? 
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Seems that throwing elections is fun
For Ralph Nader, who’s threat’ning to run
Once again in ’08.
So I’m angry, irate—
That’s how Bush got his place in the sun.

(My previous Ralph Nader satire is here.)


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The GOP’s In For A Rudy Awakening

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

As a long-time New York City resident, I’m amused by Rudy Giuliani’s candidacy.  And I find it ironic that Rudy doesn’t dare brag about the one thing that might appeal to people  put off by his pro-choice, pro-gay rights positions — Giuliani’s aggressive stance against free speech.

But understanding irony has never been Rudy’s strong suit.  For instance, he’s unlikely to appreciate the irony underlying his running as the security-candidate, after Newsday outed him as a greedy windbag who was forced to drop-out of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group because he was too busy giving lucrative speeches to attend ISG meetings:

The GOP’s In For A Rudy Awakening
By Madeleine Begun Kane

He’ll protect us–that’s Rudy’s motif.
But his claim must defy all belief:
Cause when push comes to shove,
Major wealth’s his first love.
He’s the ISG Drop-Out-In-Chief. [tags]Rudy Giuliani, Security President, ISG, Iraq Study Group, Newsday, New York City, Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Rights, Free Speech, Security Candidate, Greedy Windbag, Lucrative Speeches[/tags]

Dick “Constitution Killer” Cheney Strikes Again

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

I wonder if President Bush was as surprised as the rest of us at learning that his VEEP isn’t part of the Executive Branch.  Yup, Bush’s Lord and Master Dick Cheney has declared his office to be exempt from all sorts of pesky legal Executive Branch requirements because — presto chango — it isn’t part of the Executive Branch.  Needless to say, Henry Waxman and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee aren’t pleased with Cheney’s out-of-the-box Constitution-plundering assertion.

Just one question: If VEEP Cheney isn’t part of the Executive Branch, does that mean he’s waived his right to claim Executive Privilege?  Just wondering.

(You can find more of my legal and lawyer humor and satire here.)

[tags]Dick Cheney, Vice President Richard Cheney, Executive Privilege, Executive Branch, Chairman Waxman, House Oversight And Government Reform Committee, Constitutional Crisis, George Bush, Satire[/tags]

Bush Stems Progress (Haiku)

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Bush stem cell veto
Kills the hopes of the ailing,
Says “no” to science.


So, have you entered my latest limerick writing contest yet?  The one over at my other (non-political humor) blog? The deadline is June 27, the topic is money, and I’m even awarding a couple of small cash prizes. [tags]Stem Cell Research, Bush Veto, Health Research, Science, Scientific Research[/tags] 

Fringe Candidates And Other Political Fun

Thursday, June 21st, 2007
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4. Of Course It Hurts, You’re Getting Screwed by an Elephant
5. Evolution Is Just a Theory . . . Kind of Like Gravity
6. May the Fetus You Save Be Gay
(From Daniel Kurtzman’s What Breed of Liberal Are You?)
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* Is America ready for a Mormon president?
* What really happened to Bush’s watches.
* Unimpeachable! by Steve Bates 
(This is a post that I am “co-blogging” with Hanan Levin of Grow-a-Brain. Thank you, Hanan, for the links you suggested!) [tags]Fringe Presidential Candidates, Political Humor Links, Election 2008 Satire[/tags]

The White House No Long Loves September

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Bush promised September.
But Tony now says, no way.


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GOP Piety Song Parody (Sing to Billy Joel’s Honesty)

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Thanks so much to Dick Polman, whose politics of selective piety post  inspired this song parody. You can sing it to Billy Joel’s Honesty.

GOP Piety Song Parody (Sing to Billy Joel’s Honesty)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

If you search for hypocrites, 
They aren’t hard to find.
The Republicans just give and give.
They brag about their piousness,
But to justice they are blind.
Consistency just ain’t the way they live.

Piety is such a misused word.
GOPers preach on cue.
Piety — their fakery’s absurd.
See through them and turn red to blue.

They can always find reasons
To use a “faith” disguise,
As they wear religion on their sleeve.
But I don’t want some petty man
To tell us pious lies.
All I want is someone to believe.

Piety is such a misused word.
GOPers pray on cue.
Piety — their zealotry’s absurd.
See through them and turn red to blue.

We must find a leader
Who this war will end,
Who will boost security,
The Bill of Rights defend.
Pieties don’t comfort me,
Nor GOP refrains.
Say no.
Say no.

They won’t keep our country free.
They’re too unconcerned.
They don’t care that human rights are gone.
I despise fake piety,
So to the Dems I must turn,
Cause they’re the ones that we depend on.

Piety is such a misused word.
GOPers preach on cue.
Piety — their fakery’s absurd.
See through them and turn red to blue.

Bush’s Language Police Foiled By Bush/Cheney Expletives

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Remember the time Dick Cheney told to Senator Leahy what he could do to himself on the Senate floor? Remember the time George Bush was overheard wishing that someone could get the Hezbollah “to stop doing this [expletive deleted]?”  Well, a federal appeals panel remembers and cites these incidents as a basis for shutting down the F.C.C.’s anti-fleeting expletive crusade.

It’s deliciously ironic, don’t you think? And it’s haiku inspiring too:

Fleeting expletives
Uttered by Bush and Cheney
Stymie censorship. [tags]FCC, Bush expletive, Cheney expletive, FCC Censorship[/tags]

Steve Gilliard, Dead at 41 (Audio Interview With Steve)

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

I was very saddened to learn of Steve Gilliard’s untimely death at age 41.  Over the last couple of years, my husband Mark and I had the pleasure of spending some fun times with Steve at sundry blogger barbecues at the Queens, New York home of Julia of Sisyphus Shrugged. In fact, during one of those barbecues back in September 2005, I did a short outdoor interview with Steve (just 90 seconds).  You can hear my audio interview with Steve Gilliard right here.

The News Blog’s Steve Gilliard will be sorely missed![tags]Steve Gilliard’s Death, Steve Gilliard Interview[/tags]