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Bob Newhart Names Madeleine Begun Kane Winner of 2008 Robert Benchley Society Award For Humor

Political Song Parodies


Welcome to my blogging-related humor page. I also write humor about politics, the law, media, marriage and family, holidays, technology, feminism, money, cars, education, health, pets and animals, work, travel, and my home town -- New York City.

  • Weblog Wonderland (Song Parody to be sung to "Winter Wonderland")
    "Bloggers zing, are you list'nin'?
    Some are vain, some are bristlin'.
    The left and the right
    Are happy tonight.
    Surfin' in a weblog wonderland..."

  • Ode To Blogroll Amnesty Day (Limerick)

  • Bloggers' Rhapsody (Song Parody to be sung to "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off" by George & Ira Gershwin)
    "You praise my weblog
    And I'll mention your blog.
    You link my weblog
    And I'll link to your blog
    Weblog, Your blog, Weblog, Your blog,
    Let's call the whole thing off.
    You laud my rampage
    On Bush's last outrage.
    You say I'm so sage,
    Go check out my web page..."

  • Dear Newbie (Limerick)
    "Dear Newbie, I feel for your plight —
    You are anxious for links to your site. ..."

  • Blogroll Scrooges Must Be Punished "Some major bloggers (most prominently Atrios/Eschaton and Kos) have recently instituted a blogroll purge, eliminating, for the most part, all but the usual suspects. And to add insult to injury, they referred to it in Orwellian fashion as 'Blogroll Amnesty Day.' ..."

  • Blog Relocation Limerick
    "Coding by hand is quite hard.
    It takes time from my being a bard..."

  • Ode to Ann Althouse
    "Some bloggers are easily shocked
    When gal lefties don't look like they're jocks..."

  • Net Neutrality Ad Madness (Limerick)
    "I've no problem with blogs hosting ads.
    But some of those ads make me sad..."

  • Big Boys Cry Uncle When Wrong
    "If someone used "gay" to mean coward,
    Aravosis would rightfully glower..."

  • Bloggers Cook? Who Knew?
    "Bloggers who can cook?
    Yes, it's hard to believe..."

  • Singing The Koufax Competition Blues (Song Parody to be sung to "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face")
    "A Koufax mention would be great.
    'T'would almost make the day begin.
    A word or two would be a boon.
    I'd thank you night and noon..."

  • In Praise of Pinging
    "It don't mean a thing if you don't click that ping.
    Please don't post a thing with no update notice ping..."

  • Can't Stem That Book Meme -- Poem About Blogging Memes
    "I try to shirk the memes that come around from time to time..."

  • Blogtopian Ode
    "Will blogtopia be ruined
    By money, ads, and press?
    Will a few cash in and leave behind
    A sad, unholy mess..."

  • Blog Soireé Song Parody (Sing To Winter Wonderland)
    "Michael posed, Julia fêted,
    While Elayne, Mike's scar vetted.
    A wonderful time,
    We had Friday night,
    At a Queens, New Yorker's blog soirée..."

  • Ode To Misogyny
    "A liberal blogger named Kos
    Once was paid to offensive ad host..."

  • Ode To A Dull Drum Beat
    "Ev'ry ninety days or so,
    A blogger's post appears,
    That feigns concern for blogging gals
    Who pale beside male peers..."

  • Daily Kos Song A song parody about the right wing attack on the liberal Daily Kos weblog, to be sung to the Mister Ed TV show song.

  • ProgBloggers' Night (To be sung to "Oh, What A Night")
    "Oh, what a night.
    Lib'ral bloggers met and mixed with glee.
    Jim and Julia organized this spree.
    We'll all remember progblog night..."

  • Linker's Lament
    "Shall we LGF de-link?
    'Tis a quandary I think.
    Is there a censorship stink?
    Is Capozzola just a fink..."

  • Lefties, Staid?
    "Glenn Reynolds, in an otherwise interesting and valid article on the differences between good and bad weblogs, annoyed the hell out of me with this parenthetical comment: (And when did lefties become 'staid'? About 20 years ago, I'd guess.) ..."

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