Limerick Ode To Stout Day (1st Thursday of November)

While I don’t drink stout (or any sort of beer, ale, lager, etc.) I couldn’t resist celebrating “International Stout Day” with a limerick:

A patient whose ailment was gout,
Was informed that he drank too much stout.
The fellow turned pale,
As he yelled “I need ale!
“Downing beer is what living’s about.”

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One Response to “Limerick Ode To Stout Day (1st Thursday of November)”

  1. Jim Kimes says:

    Headline: Michael Connelly’s new novel is darkly brilliant

    Harry Bosch has a daughter named Maddie,
    Who, despite stress, has never been bratty;
    When she’s done with the “books,”
    She’ll start dealing with crooks;
    Thus, walking in the footsteps of Daddy,