Asparagus Day? Why? (Limerick)

Asparagus doesn’t appeal to me,
And it guts what might be a good meal to me.
Brussels sprouts can be yummy.
With brocc’li I’m chummy.
But asparagus spears are “no deal” to me.

May 24 is Asparagus Day.

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2 Responses to “Asparagus Day? Why? (Limerick)”

  1. Jared Wright says:

    Asparagus, weird? Let me see…
    Its quirkiest feature must be
    Quite like my espresso
    But more (and not less) so
    It causes strange smells when I pee!

  2. Jim in Roses says:

    In high season, the day of its fête,
    Serve it buttered, alone on a plate.
    From the feast of St. George
    You may happily gorge,
    Till midsummer, and then it’s too late.