Remembering Memory Day

While in law school I’d frequently curse
My poor mem’ry, which now’s become worse.
And this ain’t just a riff;
I’ll be jubilant if
I remember to finish this verse.

Happy Memory Day! (March 21)

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2 Responses to “Remembering Memory Day”

  1. Jim says:

    Was I supposed to know that you went to law school? I went to the University of Houston law school, graduating in ’75. It was a career change for me. Before that I was an Aerospace Engineer at NASA Houston but changed jobs after graduation and taught Business at San Jacinto College (Pasadena, Texas–a Houston suburb) for 22 years. I still keep my active attorney status but as Attorney Emeritus I don’t pay dues.

  2. madkane says:

    I suppose I don’t mention my lawyering as much as I used to. But I worked as a lawyer for roughly 14 years. Like you, I keep my attorney status (in NY) active, but I haven’t practiced law in many years.

    And like you, law was my second career. Unlike you, my first was symphony oboist. (I played oboe in the Dallas Symphony a zillion years ago.)