Limerick Ode To “Snark-Free Day”

Here’s a holiday I could definitely live without:

PRConsultants Group created “Snark-Free Day” to encourage people to take the high-road and go out of their way to be polite, kind and considerate on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

Limerick Ode To “Snark-Free Day”
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Today is a holiday. Hark!
Snark-FREE Day — no walk in the park.
‘Twas conjured by guys
Who think snark isn’t wise.
Are those fellows on crack? Call a narc!

My day would be dark without snark—
Those remarks that have bite, if not bark.
No I won’t be denied
The clever and snide.
This holiday misses the mark.

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17 Responses to “Limerick Ode To “Snark-Free Day””

  1. I really enjoy your poetry – it’s light-hearted and humorous :)

  2. vandana says:

    Just chill in holidays!!

  3. Panchali says:

    ‘Snark-free day’? That sounds interesting! Never mind, don’t let anyone dampen your snarky spirits…LOL..

  4. HA says:

    Interesting… and a lovely play of words. :-)

  5. brian miller says:

    how else would you stay sane
    for the things you cant say
    to those who ____ all build up
    til you pop

  6. Wabi Sabi says:

    Oh my! That sounds awful for you!!! :) Did you just stay in bed? Love your poems!

  7. Mary says:

    This made me smile! Indeed it would be hard to spend a a day without even ONE ‘snark.’

  8. Sherri B. says:

    Clever – made me smile! :)

  9. Bjorn says:

    Indeed the days would be slow and dark
    without the fun of biting snark
    but you should be prepared
    and maybe beware
    the response to a snark might be bark


  10. ZQ says:

    That PR group needs to be enlightened on that “high Road” for once a year…1…one…uno…day for politeness? Are we at a point we need to put one day aside for a truce? For servility?
    Oh, Oh, I’m not being very “Snarky-free”
    ~smiling with concern :-) ~ I enjoyed your piece.

  11. grapeling says:

    The sun will surely go dark
    Ere the blogosphere goes without snark
    As soon as we rise
    Here’s mud in your eyes
    Tell those admen themselves to go fark

  12. Cackle. Love it…feeling somewhat snarky myself these days!!!!

  13. Sumana Roy says:

    No snarky barky day…..just chill……lovely :D

  14. madkane says:

    Thanks so much for all your lovely comments.

  15. John Dyhouse says:

    I had to smile, an enjoyable read – thanks

  16. It wouldn’t be fun without a little snark to speak up against the unjust :)

  17. madkane says:

    Thanks John and Loredana!