Oh, Drat! Limerick Audio

I’m in a terrible mood from yesterday’s election. And trust me — my cursing vocabulary most definitely doesn’t include the word drat.

Oh, Drat! (Oh, Drat Audio)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

When someone’s upset and says, “Drat,”
The word sounds appallingly flat.
Such a mealy-mouth curse!
So genteel — I’m averse.
Kindly try to swear better than that.

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10 Responses to “Oh, Drat! Limerick Audio

  1. Gary Chomiak says:

    Oh, Drat they say all over town
    The Dems look so dismal and down.
    But out in the West,
    The Dems did the best
    especially that bald headed fellow Jerry Brown.

  2. Marla says:

    If you find yourself dispossessed
    Over every “drat” that is expressed
    Consider the value
    Of a brilliant haiku
    Or a well-placed “f**k it” in protest.

  3. Patrick says:

    I’ll never again say ‘drat,’
    for it never suggests where I’m at
    in my angered emotions,
    deep sometimes like oceans.
    Instead I’ll use tittily-tat.

  4. Dr. Goose says:

    Love it! So veddy, veddy, bracingly British, as the best ones are. Reminds me of a rollicking, ribald, raunchy (okay I warned you, and also apologize to anyone who will be offended) classic:

    King James gave a lesson in class
    One evening while sexing a lass;
    When the lady said “Damn!”
    King Jimmy said: “Ma’am,
    Keep a more civil tongue in my ass.”

  5. madkane says:

    These are all great fun. Thanks!

  6. scott says:

    A cuss word used in the right place,
    will often times help make your case.
    But if you swear all the time,
    in public, or rhyme,
    you’re a piece of s*#@, f*%#ng disgrace!

  7. Veralynne says:

    Don’t worry ’bout me ’bout that!
    I hardly ever say drat
    Just like Norman Mailer
    I swear like a sailor
    When it’s politics cuz I’m Democrat

    It started with Ol’ Poppy Bush
    I couldn’t stand seeing his moosh
    When he came on TV
    I’d run to take a pee
    I couldn’t sit still on my tush!

    It’s gotten worse year by year
    Especially when it came to Juyer
    He made me so mad
    I’d swear loud and bad!
    My mother shed many a tear!

    I can say only “the fix is in”
    Our country is straight ‘publikin’
    We’re now SO up the creek
    The eagle’s clipped–wings AND beak
    Due to media’s propaganda and lyin’!

  8. Veralynne says:

    “Drat” sounds so silly anymore
    Would it work regarding, say, football scores?
    I know just what we’d hear
    After the men’d been drinking beer
    Our virgin ears we’d never restore.

    (Yeah, as if a virgin anything is ever restored. teehee)

  9. Barack is blamed, for Bush blunders,
    by the rich T-party funders
    and the revolt they led
    for Obama’s black head
    blurs their own sins and their plunders.

    And if that does not make you curse,
    throw-up and shout this is much worse
    than a stick in the eye
    by that that George Bush guy
    and we have two years till reverse…

  10. scott says:

    The Mad One is off on a cruise,
    filled with laughter, sunshine and booze.
    Hosted by Lewis Black,
    but soon she’ll be back,
    to regale, entertain and amuse.