Something For Trump To Tweet About (6-Verse Limerick)

Something For Trump To Tweet About (6-Verse Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Trump loves to post petulant tweets,
Whiny diatribes, vengeance-spurred bleats.
So his Twitter feed’s littered
With comments, embittered;
From a feud Donald never retreats.

If anyone else posted guff
Like Trump, (s)he’d be kicked in the duff–
Quickly out of a job
And shamed by a mob–
But when Trump does it, folks say, “Hot stuff!”

Groundless grievances gin up his life.
He thrives on them, loving the strife
He creates every day
With his vicious display.
Just imagine it — being Trump’s wife!

Within what other country could Trump,
A boorish, vindictive old grump,
With “huge” secret plans
Attract so many fans,
Who greet him with cheers on the stump?

I fear for our wonderful nation,
Filled with folks who think Trump’s our salvation;
This man who dispenses
Such daily offenses
Somehow fills them with endless elation.

Please tell me The Donald can’t win,
Cuz the drumbeat for Trump is a sin.
You might as well vote
For “Drunk Unc” or a goat…
And a goat, unlike Trump, has thick skin.

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12 Responses to “Something For Trump To Tweet About (6-Verse Limerick)”

  1. Don’t have the time for 6 stanzas, but here’s one:

    Dopey Donald has quite the ego,
    Fueled by his immense dough;
    Yet he remains a dumb blowhard,
    Or a sad joker if he were a card;
    First in line in Idiot’s Row.

  2. Actually the world is filled with comedians and worse getting into power.. it seems it’s the one who can drop the most one-liners that can win.. I see it happen all around the world.

  3. Clever limericks. It is mind boggling the state we are in. Trump is another indication of our slow but steady descent into populism and third world thinking.

  4. kolembo says:

    Haaaar! Ah.
    Good stuff.

  5. s says:

    Ha ha ha. I love him. :) I’m rootin’ for him. LOL.

  6. Grace says:

    Goodness I can’t keep up with your politics but his views are very narrow and sure hope he doesn’t win ~

  7. kanzensakura says:

    Okay, this time I will do politics. I so enjoyed this. My brother-in-law thinks Trump is God Jr. but what can I say? they are both boorish, crude, loudmouthed, petty pigs…oops, don’t mean to insult the innocent pigs…I’ll change that last word to a-holes. Excellent job on this. Pity he doesn’t know how to read.

  8. Mary says:

    Trump definitely is an embarrassment to this country!

  9. I howled with glee reading this! LOL! Thanks! I needed this because they have made this man a political messiah and it’s very scary. The other poor candidates have been virtually ignored. I guess who screams loudest get the microphone. Hopefully, not the votes.

  10. Anna :o] says:

    Really good clever write.
    I worry for our world when the Trumps in it have a chance at winning a race – a race where the prize is power.
    How dumbed down we have become…
    Anna :o]

  11. Oh Lord.. the Trump of dark..
    Oh yes.. the darker one comes
    Oh no.. Trump no garden park..
    Yes.. Gosh.. can their be any
    further as ANTI christ Stark..

    That’s the first of six say i more.
    of Old of times.. of ancient Lore..
    There is truth and light and dark
    ones do come to light and park..
    there ancient hineYes Darth men..

    Selfish greed separation humans
    Collecting tools making human tool..
    Oh they the true dark priests of fool..
    While congregations of hate fence
    OFF human hate division bordermen…

    Yes.. four of six.. six six.. the real lot
    of DeviliveD remains true Trump blood
    Oh Lord of the dark why do you come..
    Oh Lord of the dark why do they LovE
    you NO.. oh.. society dark blood’s Dove..

    Where do eYes for evil go when dark
    Blood reigns a sea of black hate now..
    Where Love dies and separation grows..
    where kindness sickangerSwindle blows
    a dark storm of discontent.. Faux knows..

    Now six a limerick of SIX SICK hate Trump
    comes and goes.. but the savior our Lady
    Hillary.. comes back again.. guess what baby
    STinky Trump ain’t got a chance in.. hell ends
    go back to the Tower of Dark.. Hillary WINS..;)

    Hi Madeline.. this is just what i need to
    fulfill a mission of now.. and this my dear
    is just a Thank you.. as my way today is fear
    too long and exhausting at my place for mortal
    ears and eyes.. smiles again this.. is seven heRe!..;)

    And 36th.. 37th line
    JUST FiNE treaSureMeAsure..;)

  12. lynn__ says:

    Your limericks are seriously funny…would be funnier if Donald wasn’t serious about getting elected. I hope he doesn’t TRUMP better candidates!