Romney’s Lies Are Jeep (Limerick)

Mitt Romney keeps repeating a claim that he knows to be false: Both in speeches and ads, he asserts that Chrysler’s moving all Jeep production to China. In truth, Chrysler’s adding 2200 Jeep employees in Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan.

But what’s a little thing like the truth, when you’re trying to deceive your way into the White House?

Romney’s Lies Are Jeep (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Romney’s China-Jeep ad is a lie.
Yet he keeps doubling down on it. Why?
Cuz he’s paid little price
For his lies. That device
Gets him votes. Bid democracy “Bye!”

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5 Responses to “Romney’s Lies Are Jeep (Limerick)”

  1. Bob Dvorak says:

    On the subject of Jeep, Mitt’s riposte:
    Towns with Chrysler are turning to ghost.
    If it’s true that a liar
    Gets his pants caught on fire,
    Mitt, by now, should be totally toast.

  2. Steve Whitred says:

    Nobody seems to call Mitt on his lies. I wrote this after the first debate
    See Mitt and Obama debate
    The press think that Romney did great
    His eyes showed desire
    But his pants were on fire
    And his nose grew out both long and straight

  3. It does seem Romney’s finally getting some push back on this one. But I think it is only because of the storm and there are relatively few polls to talk about.

  4. Hansi says:

    That Willard can sure lie his ass off. Snake Oil for one and all!

  5. madkane says:

    Thanks for your comments and verse everyone!