Nevada’s Wingnut Angle

Harry Reid sure caught a lucky break Tuesday: Nevada’s looniest would-be Senator won the Republican nomination. Yes, Senator Reid’s opponent will be the wingnutty Sharron Angle, a woman with views so odd, she almost manages to make Rand Paul look semi-normal.

Nevada’s Wingnut Angle (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Harry’s hopes for November looked bleak,
With Republican odds at their peak.
But he’ll easily wrangle
The wacky Ms. Angle.
Thank you, wingnuts, for picking a freak.

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2 Responses to “Nevada’s Wingnut Angle”

  1. Wade Tencza says:

    Hail to the Silver State. Sharron Angle really shocked the nation and oh yeah will she be a pleasure to follow. This is going to be a great match with Harry Reid. Tough choice between Harry’s tax and pork style and her need to eliminate the Department of Education. Tough thing being a reddish blue state. Feel so conflicted here in Goldfield, Nevada. Who is going have the best outcome on Yucca Mountain?

  2. Stan Denza says:

    I would hate to be in Reid’s shoes when this “freak” or “wingnut’ as you call her kicks Reid’s ass and dethrones the little woos!