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Yet Another Anti-Winter Poem

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Yet Another Anti-Winter Poem
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Oh damn you winter! Go away!
Why can’t you take a hint today?
Intruding on our spring delights
With snow is NOT within your rights.

The calendar has made it clear
It’s spring. So why are YOU still here?
I’ve foolishly already stored
Our boots and shovels, long abhorred.

I’m forced to fetch them one more time
For duties not at all sublime.
Your crime of trespass? No mere gaffe!
I just might sue on spring’s behalf.

Limerick Ode To Groundhog Day

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Limerick Ode To Groundhog Day
By Madeleine Begun Kane

There’s an animal hogging the news
And casting a shadow on views.
It’s the groundhog, of course:
Our annual source
Of featherbrained seasonal clues.

Happy Groundhog Day! (February 2nd.) And for more groundhog poetry, visit DVerse Poets.

Spring Limerick Contest Results — And The Winners are…

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Thanks to all of you who participated in this, my first limerick writing contest.  (And yes, I’ll be holding these contests regularly.)

The response to my spring limerick contest exceeded my wildest hopes – nearly 60 poems were submitted.  In fact, there were so many wonderful entries — some poignant, some laugh-out-loud funny — that it was hard to select the winners. 

But the voting’s in and the panel has rendered its decision.  Okay, I admit it —  it was a panel of one — me.  Still, I did so much arguing with myself, that it felt like a much larger panel.

I’m awarding a First Prize ($25 in PayPal cash), a Second Prize ($10 in PayPal cash), and five Honorable Mentions.  And the winners are…  

FIRST PRIZE goes to Graham Lester for this lovely limerick:

Blossoms bloom, we’re in love, and it’s Spring!
How delightful, you’re going to sing!
You’re as sweet as a flower,
Yet I’m suddenly sour
As you say, “And now something by Sting. . .”

SECOND PRIZE goes to Bob Dvorak for this fine limerick:

Flight of fancy, my love taking wing
Joins the jaybirds and bluebirds that sing
As the days burgeon long –
Hear my heart beating strong
For my darling. I love you. It’s spring!

And five HONORABLE MENTIONS go to (in no particular order) …

J. E. Pettit:
It’s springtime, which means that my fancy
Is turning to thoughts of my Nancy.
But marry this summer?
I’d have to be dumber;
Her husband would kill us! Too chancy!

hugh t:
Passion’s flames have died down to an ember:
She is April; I’m chill December.
It’s a rather sad thing
To remember one’s Spring
When there’s not much spring left in one’s member.

Richard Stehr:
Through the winter I slog and I schlep,
But in spring there’s a spring in my step.
All the birds are in song,
And I’m singing along
With a throat that is strong…and not strep.

That “Sproing!” that we hear is the sound
As our greenery springs from the ground.
Every Spring, there’s a chance
We’ll get rioting plants,
When their mainsprings get overly wound.

David Franks:
Though it’s cold, I find winter infernal–
Its dim, lifeless stay seems eternal.
Take this hiemal night!
Give me growth, life and light:
My favorite days are the vernal.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks again to everybody who participated. (You can read all of the entries here.)

And please stay tuned — I’ll be announcing another limerick contest very soon right here in this blog. I should be posting something about it mid-April, just as soon as I get my tax return done. And the topics will be — you guessed it — money and taxes.