Spring Limerick Contest — With Money Prizes

Writing my Is It Spring Yet? limerick gave me an idea to launch the first of what I hope will be many limerick writing contests.

So here’s my challenge: Write a limerick related somehow to the subject of spring and post it here in my comments.  I’ll announce the winners on the first day of spring.   The first prize will be $25.  The second prize will be $10.  Both prizes will be paid via PayPal.

I’m looking forward to reading your entries!

UPDATE: This contest is officially closed and the spring limerick contest winners and their winning entries are here.

Please check back on this blog in mid-April, when I expect to announce a new limerick contest. 

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65 Responses to “Spring Limerick Contest — With Money Prizes”

  1. David Franks says:

    Though it’s cold, I find winter infernal–
    Its dim, lifeless stay seems eternal.
    Take this hiemal night!
    Give me growth, life and light:
    My favorite days are the vernal.

  2. Michael Redei says:

    A helix-shaped metal-wire thing
    That protrudes from your sofa may bring
    From your mouth a mild curse,
    Or (and what could be worse?)
    Make you shout “How I hate this damned Spring!”

  3. Sara says:

    I did a post about this at Poets Who Blog. Good luck with the contest. Thanks for the heads up about it.

  4. Earl says:

    Sweet Spring, we offer this prayer to you,
    May our spirits you bless and renew,
    (Though these damn allergies
    Won’t stop making me sneeze)
    We bend down on our knees and… ACHOO!

  5. David Franks says:

    My water is tasty. I sing
    Of its freshness, its flavor, its zing.
    I’ve avoided the fable
    You get on a label.
    No bottle or tap–just a spring.

  6. Earl says:

    It is Spring! The weather’s getting warm;
    It is time to display our team’s form!
    But what is this note,
    That our coach just wrote?
    Ah, nuts – “Game called on account of storm.”

  7. stella says:

    There’s a skip and a spring in my stride
    When the peach blossom’s heavy and wide,
    And the soft falling rains
    Plant new hope in my veins
    For the good things that Spring will provide.

  8. stella says:

    From the tent of the bold fedayeen
    Came the screech of his wife, Bernadine.
    “See this dirt, dust and fluff?
    There’s twelve months of the stuff,
    And it’s your turn to do the spring-clean!”

  9. Michael Turniansky says:

    It was Spring, and a certain youth’s fancy
    Lightly turned to a young lass named Nancy.
    “Not this lifetime!” she said.
    He considered, “While dead?
    She knows necro(ulp!)mancy? Too chancy!”

  10. Trossl says:

    It’s Spring and the garden does beckon.
    Time to plant all my herbs now, I reckon.
    Got out seeds and my hoe–
    What?! It’s starting to snow?
    It IS April 6th? Yeah! Just checkin’…

  11. Mark Mironer says:

    When a fall leaves your arm in a sling
    (Some are warm, causing rashes that sting)
    It’s no fun skating in
    To see doctors. Your twin
    Turns to love, and you snap like a spring.

  12. Mark Mironer says:

    Or, if you don’t like wordplay so much, try this one:

    March is time to start up the Toyota;
    Say “So long, see you soon Sarasota”.
    To the north we will go,
    To the blizzards and snow
    Where the winter ends late–Minnesota.

  13. teegee says:

    The lifting of winter’s bleak pall
    Brings so many things to us all.
    But in glorious Spring,
    My favorite thing,
    Is the sound of the umpire: Play Ball!

  14. newbroom says:

    It’s only a matter of hours
    the yearly re-birth is near
    here come the birds and the flowers
    Yes! Spring is about to appear!

    Sure, it’s been a hard winter..
    we’ve suffered the snow and the cold
    be thankful for this weather
    It’s on the way out, I am told.

  15. newbroom says:

    tis the time of the year
    warmer weather is near
    earth’s wearin ‘o the green

    not summer or winter
    let me be the hinter
    one of two seasons between

    it gurgles, it flounces
    it actually bounces
    it causes your spirit to sing

    the day of St Patrick
    may be anti-climatic
    in the dawning of the spring.

  16. slim says:

    I’ve got two:

    Spring in the Northwest if a gift
    Despite rain, it gives spirits a lift
    Daffodils fill our quiver
    While bald eagles fish the river
    So who cares if summer starts August 5th?

    It is spring, and Dubya sobs,
    “I thought impeachment was just for blowjobs!”
    But he lied about war,
    Canning lawers, and more
    So he’ll spend summer facing the mobs.

  17. Lynne says:

    My favorite season is Spring
    With senses that tingle and sing
    We’re all feeling happy
    The trees get all sappy
    And so does my hubby – and “thing”

  18. Bob Dvorak says:

    To my wife:

    Flight of fancy, my love taking wing
    Joins the jaybirds and bluebirds that sing
    As the days burgeon long —
    Hear my heart beating strong
    For my darling. I love you. It’s spring!

    OK. OK. Bring out the pancakes. :)

  19. madkane says:

    Thanks so much for all these delightful entiries, and please keep them coming. I’ll be accepting submissions right up to my winners’ announcement on the first day of spring.

  20. David Franks says:

    As a young man (and that is the thing)
    My fancy turned lightly to–SCHWING!
    Nature’s vim can surprise;
    Even my sap would rise.
    And that’s why they call this time “Spring”.

  21. Allison says:

    The springtime we’ve longed for is near,
    which so many gardeners hold dear;
    yet, when on mayflies we glide
    in that unpleasant slide,
    we wish another season were here.

  22. Allison says:

    There once was a fellow named Will
    who had plucked up a soft daffodil.
    From beneath the grey bower
    he found the sweet flower
    that signaled his seasonal ill.

  23. mephistopheles says:

    That “Sproing!” that we hear is the sound
    As our greenery springs from the ground.
    Every Spring, there’s a chance
    We’ll get rioting plants,
    When their mainsprings get overly wound.

  24. mephistopheles says:

    From snowstorms we’re shifting our focus.
    Rainy April’s beginning to soak us.
    Our garden’s the locus
    Of spring hocus-pocus:
    The magical surge of the crocus.

  25. mephistopheles says:

    Your bedsprings announce you’re pursuing
    Some frenzied and passionate screwing.
    Are your neighbors next door,
    And the ones down a floor,
    Keeping score?—’cuz they’re sure what you’re doing!

  26. Earl says:

    Well, I think that I have been misled —
    I’ve sought signs of the season ahead,
    But each lim’rick that’s passed
    (More risqué than the last)
    Says the place to find Spring is in bed!

  27. madkane says:

    In case anybody’s wondering, my original intention was to hold a contest for limericks about the season of spring. But clever poets soon noticed a loophole in my slightly ambiguous announcement and started posting limericks about other types of spring.

    The upshot is I’m considering them all eligible. In fact, I’m almost glad it happened. The topical variety makes it even more fun … for me, at least.

    By the way, this contest is going so well, I’ve decided to hold limerick writing contests regularly — roughly once a month. And yes, there will be money prizes each time. :)

    I’m not ready to announce the next one quite yet but — hint, hint — the topics will be tax filing and money.

    Thanks again for all these delightul entries and please keep them coming!

  28. Harry L says:

    Last March while I was knee deep in snow,
    I decided that ’twas time to blow,
    So I left the Northeast,
    And I must say I’m pleased.
    Snow in Florida is unknown.

  29. markbnj says:

    thanks in advance./.. maybe this belongs on your political blog?


    The Ice is slowly thawing
    Soon, insurgents will be out clawing.

    Now our rifles aren’t shooting,
    Soon our hummers will be out rooting

    Spring has sprung. Afghanistan’s fine
    Bagdad is peaceful, wait – that’s some mighty strong wine!

    Like our brothers in Bagdad, we’re under-deployed here.
    We haven’t the numbers nor even the commitment.

    The President and his boys rushed us in then out here.
    Without proper weapons, training, tools, or the like.

    Now we try and try to rebuild the country here,
    With all the bombs, with which we still need to deal

    Politics must also be considered
    ’cause like Iraq, force alone, just won’t do.

    But at least the weather’s not freezing
    Or hot, like summer’s icky stew.

    Now, all we need to fear is the Taliban,
    Whose fighters now go fighting in their turbans.

    Maybe by this time next year, we’ll be home, I pray
    So family so precious, can again grow and play.

  30. Richard Stehr says:

    Through the winter I slog and I schlep,
    But in spring there’s a spring in my step.
    All the birds are in song,
    And I’m singing along
    With a throat that is strong…and not strep.

  31. Ccill says:

    In Florida there are attractions
    that tourist’s money take
    they offer satisfactions
    there’s one they call…
    Spring Break!

  32. Ccill says:

    some of us grew up with seasons…
    winter, spring, summer, fall.
    now, for various reasons…
    it’s now ‘one size fits all’…

    there used to be a difference
    a time when things would change
    and now we die by increments
    mankind, have you no shame?

    It’s YOU who’ve caused calamity
    through gluttony and greed
    thriving on insanity
    unaware of your deed

    too late? you ask, “to save the day?”
    Can we change the course in time?
    Some say it will happen anyway…
    and take pleasure in a rhyme

    for once your born,you’re bound to die
    the matter is forsworn
    let’s join hands and at least try
    we don’t have time to mourn

    (I’m sorry for the tone…it just came out that’a’way..)

  33. TDB says:

    Oh how Billy Bob hates the spring
    Every year it’s the same old thing
    He must take a bath
    Or face his wife’s wrath
    But good gracious that soap does sting

  34. Jeff Leslie says:

    I sneeze when white crystals are falling
    But I know that soon spring will be calling
    I welcome the breeze
    But then once again sneeze
    For allergic am I to the pollen

  35. Jeff Leslie says:

    As I look through my frozen glass window
    I am cursing the ice the north wind blows
    Then God whispers to me
    There’s a promise of spring
    And I dream of a warmer tomorrow

  36. Jeff Leslie says:

    Like a child I am rolling in clover
    As I wrestle with my boxer, Rover
    He pauses to bark
    And here’s his remark
    “Man, am I glad winter’s over!”

  37. Jeff Leslie says:

    As I roll down my favorite hill
    My senses ecstatically filled
    I pucker my lips
    And bend down to kiss
    A fuzzy old groundhog named Phil

  38. Blossoms bloom, we’re in love, and it’s Spring!
    How delightful, you’re going to sing!
    You’re as sweet as a flower,
    Yet I’m suddenly sour
    As you say, “And now something by Sting. . .”

  39. Debbie Leonard says:

    In the past the days were quite brief,
    The dark took our time like a thief,
    Then came April showers,
    The world filled with flowers,
    Finally it’s spring: ah…relief!

  40. Back of the Envelope says:

    Limerick contest…

    Madeleine Kane is having a limerick contest. If you have, or think you can write, a limerick about spring, and you’re interested in cash prizes, why ……

  41. W. Kiernan says:

    In winter the cool Gulf breeze blows
    with the beach sand all up in my toes
    But in Spring I do not
    ’cause it’s too goddam hot
    and I can’t remove any more clothes

  42. Earl says:

    During winter I’d oft clean my plate,
    And say “This spring, I’ll work off what I ate.”
    But come April Fifteen,
    It’s not me that is lean,
    It’s my wallet that’s lost all the weight!

  43. Ted Fried says:

    Dear Earthworms

    Spring’s the season that poor earthworms hate:
    Hungry robins abound! Yikes – fish bait!
    For dirt dwellers, this tip
    (a Shel Silverstein quip):
    To outwit early birdies…SLEEP LATE!

  44. Ted Fried says:


    It’s a Yard Sale (or, springtime infection
    causing folks to do detailed inspection
    of some other clod’s junk,
    which they load in their trunk)
    – call it Saturday Garbage Collection!

  45. Ted Fried says:


    Hopeful players whose names you can’t say:
    Star-struck rookies – with THEIR chance to play.
    Assigned numbers more fitting
    for linebacker hitting…
    (demoted by Opening Day).

  46. madkane says:

    This entry was posted in the comments of the wrong post, so I’m reposting it here for its author:

    Carol June Hooker Says:

    March 15th, 2007 at 8:03 pm

    Stop it, Rain, Snow, and Sleet! Skip it, Hail!
    Et tu, Brutal Wind, why the Gale?
    Ides of March Day portends
    That, though Wintertime ends,
    Spring’s in Meteorological Jail.

  47. PGS says:

    Now in spring, sun begins to revive
    My sleepy and long-frozen drive.
    Warmly kissing my pate
    She remembers to mate…
    So the wonderful game came alive.

  48. Andrew Ian Dodge says:

    When will spring start up
    Thenl the snow gives up
    And the sun come out to play
    Skys stop being cold & grey
    And we’ll all come up trumps

  49. hugh t. says:

    Passion’s flames have died down to an ember:
    She is April; I’m chill December.
    It’s a rather sad thing
    To remember one’s Spring
    When there’s not much spring left in one’s member.

    (Rated PG and posted with permission of MK.)

  50. Jexia says:

    I watch wistfully birds on the wing,
    And I wish for wisteria in spring.
    My summer’s a-going
    And autumn’s a-blowing.
    Wet winter brings icy cold zing.

    Such is life in the Southern Hemisphere ;)

  51. J. E. Pettit says:

    I awoke to the sound of a bird
    In the tree by my window. Absurd!
    He was singing a song,
    But he had it all wrong:
    It was only December the third.


  52. J. E. Pettit says:

    It’s springtime, which means that my fancy
    Is turning to thoughts of my Nancy.
    But marry this summer?
    I’d have to be dumber;
    Her husband would kill us! Too chancy!

    (Sorry, turnip.)

  53. J. E. Pettit says:

    You say spring has begun? Maybe so,
    But that stuff in our driveway is snow.
    Ain’t no leaves on the trees,
    There’s a northerly breeze,
    And outside, it’s still twenty below!

  54. Trossl says:

    May walked home with a spring in her step.
    She loved Spring and was so full of pep!
    Then came those darn showers,
    The ones for the flowers–
    Caught a chill; now she’s laid up with strep.

  55. Alan Dorfman says:

    The lilacs and peonies bloom.
    The sun starts to break through the gloom.
    In tank tops and tight running shorts
    Hot men pursue outdoor sports
    Before coming back to my room.

  56. newbroom says:

    warm spring reigns supreme
    a time for love and hope
    awash in colors meadows gleam
    a season birds denote

  57. Jesse Frankovich says:

    The spring is a blossoming season
    That’s always refreshingly pleasin’.
    And the best part of all?
    That from now until fall,
    Needn’t frequently fret about freezin’.

  58. mw says:

    After a long summer of war plans misguided,
    the fall election finally provided
    a winter congress that was free
    of single party decree
    and a beautiful spring of government divided.

  59. newbroom says:

    there’s a rhythm to the cycle
    as we orbit our bright star
    and no matter what your title
    no matter who you are
    you will know the season’s changing
    when the birds begin to sing
    and the earth is rearranging
    her bouquet to show you spring.

  60. “Spring in the air!”, I called out
    To the old man while walking without.
    “You can spring in the air,
    I really don’t care,
    But I can’t – I’m riddled with gout!”

  61. madkane says:

    This contest is officially closed and the
    spring limerick contest winners and their winning entries are here.

    Please check back on this blog in mid-April, when I expect to announce a new limerick contest.

  62. Carnival of Divided Government UNDECIMUS – Springtime for Divided Government Edition…

    In celebration of this very special spring, and without further ado, we offer a bit of verse…
    Ode to a Divided Spring
    After a summer of war plans misguided,
    The fall election finally provided –
    A winter Congress that was free
    Of single party dec…

  63. bill says:

    There was an old blogger named bill,
    Who blogged all day long for the thrill,
    Subject no matter, whatever the patter,
    But really, quite run of the mill.

  64. bill says:

    If there were no winter there could be no spring,
    no summer to follow, no autumn to colour,
    no bird to sing, no tree to blossom no joy to bring.

  65. […] The response to my spring limerick contest exceeded my wildest hopes – nearly 60 poems were submitted.  In fact, there were so many wonderful entries — some poignant, some laugh-out-loud funny — that it was hard to select the winners.  […]