Just In Time For Book Lovers Day (Limerick)

Just in time for Book Lovers Day, celebrated both on the first Saturday of November and on August 9:

Like most of my friends I love books,
And I don’t want to read them on Nooks
Or other devices;
Real paper entices.
Don’t dare give me pity-filled looks!

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One Response to “Just In Time For Book Lovers Day (Limerick)”

  1. Suzanne Heymann says:

    So true! Those Kindle and eBooks, whatever, are crap! I have seven fully-loaded bookcases. I love how books feel, how they look, how they smell, how they fill my need for diversity. And yeah, size matters; I love them in all their variety of length, width, thickness, and hard and soft covers (okay all you hormone-raging hounds out there – get your mind out of the sewer!)