Fun With Verbs (Limerick)

A recent article over at DVerse Poets discusses the importance of using vivid verbs in poetry. And though I completely agree, I couldn’t resist writing this limerick:

Fun With Verbs (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

One never should write. One should scribe.
One must NOT coincide. Instead, jibe.
Are verbs that have color
Much better than duller?
I’m bewildered — must drink … or imbibe.

Boring adjective-freedom’s my goal,
And dull adverbs can sure take their toll.
I abjure and forswear them
And simply can’t bear them.
In this verse, though, they’re taking control.

Perhaps with Verse 3, I’ll succeed
In banishing words I don’t need.
Not an adverb in sight,
Nor an adjective blight.
Push my luck? No, not me! End of screed.

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5 Responses to “Fun With Verbs (Limerick)”

  1. WalterMatthau says:

    My wife has a gravity bent
    by far not my latest lament
    her clothes have expanded
    I’ve not reprimanded
    because she’s much kinder content

    I’ve queried of clothing expanse
    embarrassed to lead in our dance
    hardly room for me
    in her repartee
    much less for my hand in her pants

    This verbiage is not trekking yonder
    she’s seemingly waxing to blonder
    oh, tarry not heart
    it’s just her mind fart
    propels me to post of my ponder

  2. z. alexi says:

    Yep~~verbs w/action & adjectives with “color [ARE] much better than duller.” This limerick should be read by every h.s. English/jrnlsm & college creative-writing class. Dazzlingly divine.

  3. If I were your boyfriend, I might write…

    My girlfriend does expectorate,
    though I watch her simply spit,
    but I learn to accommodate,
    and my teeth, I simply grit.
    She says, I always aggravate
    proving l am an uncouth fit.
    but in her bathroom she’d evacuate
    and I can’t stand the smell of shit.

    We sit to eat and masticate,
    but I watch and see her chew.
    Culinary skills she’d cultivate
    when plain cooking she must do.
    Maybe her words might elevate
    turning this peasant true blue,
    and together we do fornicate,
    only slobs would just say we screw.

  4. Sallie McKenna says:

    Vivid verbs seem a worthy endeavor,
    to ponder while eyeing the weather;
    for nothing’s less timid,
    than nature gone livid,
    tornadoing out of her quiver.

  5. verbs with colour are definitely the most satisfying :)