A Pessimist’s Ode To “Look On The Bright Side Day”

I was disturbed to hear that today (December 21) is “Look On The Bright Side Day.”

Please don’t tell me to “look on the bright side.”
This merely exposes your trite side.
Neither wise, nor delightful,
It makes me feel spiteful.
Quote that maxim? I’ll max out my smite side.

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2 Responses to “A Pessimist’s Ode To “Look On The Bright Side Day””

  1. P Diane Schneider says:

    Its true at this time things seem grim
    Daylight hours have gotten so slim
    But starting to turn
    Soon sunlight will burn
    Don’t discard your joy on a whim

  2. WalterMatthau says:

    The bright side has bothered my sight
    I had to work all frigging night
    To make up for heat
    from winter ‘s deplete
    No sunshine will vanquish this blight

    It costs us an arm and a leg
    to muster we’ve taken to beg
    for scraps from execs
    and pitiful checks
    this white-collar’s busting my egg

    Oh, for a happier season
    we’re taxed of our good will and reason
    my sympathy’s shot
    they haven’t done squat
    and all should be hanged for high treason