The Proof Is In The Drinking (Limerick) (Updated)

Bad news for bourbon fans, like my husband Mark:

Maker’s Mark bourbon will lower the alcohol content in its bourbon from 45 percent to 42 percent.

Chief operating officer Rob Samuels said the reduction is the only way to meet higher demand…

The Proof Is In The Drinking (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Maker’s Mark has announced that it’s curbin’
The alcohol content of bourbon.
Now this isn’t a spoof–
I could give you the proof.
I’m just glad they’re not cognac disturbin’.

UPDATE: Maker’s Mark has wisely decided to reverse its decision. It won’t be watering down its bourbon, after all.

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13 Responses to “The Proof Is In The Drinking (Limerick) (Updated)”

  1. Rachel says:

    It seems like that would change the flavor
    And then folks might start to favor
    It three percent less,
    Sales will digress,
    Folks will switch to one they can savor.


  2. ninotaziz says:

    Three percent! I hope it makes a difference where it matters. Hi Madeleine!

  3. Now that is disturbin’ indeed :-)
    Nice one.

  4. Judy Roney says:

    Oh my, disturbin the wrong thing now. Too funny. Wonder if Makers Mark will be loosin people’s choosin?

  5. Panchali says:

    Oh, that’s disturbing…but what a Fabulous piece!!

  6. Lady Nyo says:

    Oh my God! Why are they f____ing with things that they shouldn’t????

    Mess with the space station, mess with the water, but leave the liquor alone.

    Don’t ‘fix’ what ain’t broken, I say.

    Good piece…made me laugh, and made me worry.

    Lady Nyo

  7. Mary says:

    Very clever!!! Seems everything is changing nowadays. Smiles.

  8. Tumblewords says:

    This wasn’t the change I was hoping for. They’ve changed their mind now and I’m sure it’s due to your limerick!

  9. Sara v says:

    Hi Mad!

    Tell Mark, to drink Jack Daniels…

    Jack’s won’t be curbin’
    Cuz in Tennesse,
    A dry state, see
    They ain’t waterin’ down the bourbon

    Good for Maker’s Mark–glad they came to their senses :-)

  10. JulesPaige says:

    Yeah, they say they are humbled by all those who didn’t want the change. So now because of the scarcity of raw product they’ll just increase their prices. Not that I’ve ever bought their product. But I guess the folks who like the stuff will pay.

  11. madkane says:

    Thanks so much everyone for your fun comments and verse.