A Not-So-Modest Proposal (Limerick)

A Not-So-Modest Proposal (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Want to thin out the NRA crowd?
Here’s a concept that’s got me quite wowed:
Pair a gun range and bar,
Cuz those folks won’t get far
When gun-toting drunks are allowed.

(Alas, Combination gun ranges/bars do in fact exist.)

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3 Responses to “A Not-So-Modest Proposal (Limerick)”

  1. Sara v says:

    Yes, they’re called “hunting trips…” oh my head–it hurts…Great limerick! :-)

  2. And then there’s THIS:
    Penis Shooting

    With their guns down their pants, it’s sublime
    How they shoot off their dicks all the time.
    What is there to say,
    Except: Poor NRA,
    With its “members” cut down in their prime!

  3. z. alexi says:

    Your “gun-toting drunks” were all at Bklyn’s Wee Willie [Wart-size] Contest. If the winner has a wife, isn’t that grounds for divorce? “A gun is psychologically a penis-substitute & a symbol of power…such misfits must seek psycho-orgasmic relief by shooting pheasants.”~~Adam Hall, The Quiller Memorandum. And peasants, eh?

    Bloomberg’s spending $50 million [this yr] to hatch network to motivate voters panting to curb gun violence to punish politicians who fail to support gun control [an org he ho-ho-hopes can eventually outmuscle the NRA]. Will fwd your lustrous limerick to NRA [staff of 80] in DC, Sacramento & Fairfax, VA headquarters & ask ’em to print it in their newsltr. Hah!