No, Eric Can’t (Limerick

Amazing! Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was unexpectedly trounced in his primary by conservative Tea Party challenger David Brat.

No, Eric Can’t (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

What a GOP upset! Oh my!
Eric Cantor was beat by a guy,
Who’s a Tea-Party Brat,
Underfunded, at that.
There are some things that money can’t buy.

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One Response to “No, Eric Can’t (Limerick”

  1. z. alexi says:

    Eric Cantor’s pompous w/pompadour, vaingloriously jetting around U.S. sandbagging folks for $ to transfer to Reps he wants beholden to him…instead of weeding his own back yard. People demand to be “shown some regard, respect & honesty.” GOP: Pls memorize this & practice it or you won’t get into that big white house. Further, Mad will whack & torment you w/her percolating limericks. Bill Maher has other skanks he wants to delete in his “Flip a District” brackets; ante up your district’s douche.