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Sleepy Haiku

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

I lie in my bed,
coaxing my brain to adapt
and glide into sleep.


Insomnia strikes
when I’m at my most weary—
tired irony.


My lullaby verse—
I knew I should write it down—
now it’s lost to sleep.


My thoughts skip around
like out-of-control children—
scaring sleep away.


You can read my How To Become An Insomniac (Humorous How-To) here.

(My first haiku was inspired by Three Word Wednesday’s “adapt, glide, lie” prompt. My second haiku was inspired by Sensational Haiku Wednesday’s “weary” prompt.

Update: Happy Festival Of Sleep Day!

View my insomnia haiku image here.

New Year’s Resolution Haiku

Friday, January 4th, 2008

My resolution:
No more resolutions
I can’t keep, like this one.

If you missed my satirical New Year’s Resolutions Contract, it’s here.  And I hope you’ll join in on my latest haiku and limerick prompt, whose theme is lies and deception.

(This haiku was inspired by Sunday Scribblings and by Read Write Poem, which is back in business thanks to Deb of Stoneymoss.)

View my New Year’s Resolution Haiku image here.