New Year’s Resolution Haiku

My resolution:
No more resolutions
I can’t keep, like this one.

If you missed my satirical New Year’s Resolutions Contract, it’s here.  And I hope you’ll join in on my latest haiku and limerick prompt, whose theme is lies and deception.

(This haiku was inspired by Sunday Scribblings and by Read Write Poem, which is back in business thanks to Deb of Stoneymoss.)

View my New Year’s Resolution Haiku image here.

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18 Responses to “New Year’s Resolution Haiku”

  1. Shephard says:

    Oh.. I like that resolution!

  2. Tumblewords says:

    Oh, yes. That one. I’m off to read the whole contract…

  3. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone!

  4. OH…I so love this!!

  5. Wonderful!
    Thanks for letting me know Read Write Poem is back in business as well.

  6. devil mood says:

    First of all I love your picture – you’re so stylish!
    And secondly, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t have resolutions but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve many wonderful things :)

  7. Herb Urban says:

    I love your contract. It beats anything Newt and the class of ’94 tried imposing on us. But what do you have against caffeine and The Stones? Too much coffee intake gave me kidney stones last year and I’m still not complaining ;-)

  8. Laurel says:

    That’s a really funny contract. I chuckled a lot.

  9. madkane says:

    Thanks so much to all of you for you enthusiastic words about my humor!

  10. Lisa says:

    I too loved your resolution.

  11. LittleWing says:

    short n sweet…yeppers…

  12. paisley says:

    not much on resolutions myself…

  13. Anne Maybus says:

    Thank heavens you submit your posts to my carnival. They keep me sane!

  14. HarryCoomar says:

    This coming New Year /
    Am going to turn over a new leaf /
    Of my calendar for this year…