Sleepy Haiku

I lie in my bed,
coaxing my brain to adapt
and glide into sleep.


Insomnia strikes
when I’m at my most weary—
tired irony.


My lullaby verse—
I knew I should write it down—
now it’s lost to sleep.


My thoughts skip around
like out-of-control children—
scaring sleep away.


You can read my How To Become An Insomniac (Humorous How-To) here.

(My first haiku was inspired by Three Word Wednesday’s “adapt, glide, lie” prompt. My second haiku was inspired by Sensational Haiku Wednesday’s “weary” prompt.

Update: Happy Festival Of Sleep Day!

View my insomnia haiku image here.

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24 Responses to “Sleepy Haiku”

  1. kaykuala says:

    It is rightly said, insomnia is a disease. It spun a million dollar industry which otherwise could be spent elsewhere

  2. becca givens says:

    LOL, I can relate to all three. The last one gave me a chuckle because I feel that way right now!! Thanks for sharing ~~~ may we both get some sleep soon!!

  3. I understand your second verse all too well! Weariness does not often translate into sleep for me either!

  4. Laurie Kolp says:

    I especially like the second one. The other night a great line came to me and I knew I’d remember it in the morning, but it floated away in la-la land (I was too lazy to get up and write it down).

  5. Amanda Moore says:

    “tired irony” wonderful Mad that is my fave right there, but they are all wonderfully witty!

  6. Sheilagh Lee says:

    insomnia the curse of writers.Our minds seem to be always working on the next great idea for our poem or our story. Great haikus

  7. Nanka says:

    I can picture the last one …and it is so perfect!! Out of control children like skipping thoughts and scaring sleep away made me smile!! :)

  8. Chris says:

    Great Haiku. Luckily for me sleep is not the problem because of daily meditation, the only problem is I am unable long hours of sleep because of work :-).

  9. Mama Zen says:

    “My thoughts skip around
    like out-of-control children—
    scaring sleep away.”


  10. Rinkly Rimes says:

    A clever use of the three words and a great description of insomnia. I’m sorry to tell you that I sleep like a log and drop off immediately. Try having a clear conscience! It really works!!!!

  11. Paige says:

    this is so true of me at bedtime – are you the moon peeking in?

  12. Mad, nice to see you at Sensational! I’m getting into haiku now… much more successful than at limericks (and me a wee Irish lass!).

    Loved how you managed all three 3WW words in your first haiku. It did not feel strained at all… magical! Amy
    Twofer Haiku

  13. I am plagued with insomnia…
    “My thoughts skip around
    like out-of-control children—
    scaring sleep away.” I so live this!

  14. Altonian says:

    I can relate to all four! Especially losing great thoughts to sleep, never to be recaptured.

  15. as a fellow insomniac I love how you capture the feeling so well.

  16. Granny Smith says:

    I great set of Haikus!

  17. Mike Jackson says:

    Some great haikus.
    My favourite is the last one, I love the idea of of ideas skipping around and frightening sleep away. Why is it that when sleep does come those great ideas are then lost forever?
    Thanks for a great read.

  18. Laurie says:

    This is really good. Insomnia is not fun.

  19. How many times have I rued your third? I should have taken a moment, turned on this light…
    Mad, hope you find the right balance. And DON’T take Ambien! My daughter was up at 3 am, noisily make nachos and taking them up to her room to eat. I yelled at her about not taking food upstairs (country mice) and she would swear she didn’t do it, didn’t remember. Now we know that’s an effect of the drug. I could not apologize to her enough…

    Love, Amy

  20. Mahalo for reading my haikus. I’m enjoying your limericks and haikus as well. Aloha!

  21. jennifaye says:

    I can totally relate to this :)

  22. madkane says:

    Thanks so much everyone for your kind words!

  23. Oh yes, I speak that language – sleep is my nemesis. Well done!

  24. andy sewina says:

    Nicely, I was just reading about an artist who can only paint when he sleepwalks!