Limerick-Off Monday – Rhyme Word: FINE (or DEFINE/REFINE/CONFINE) at the end of any one line

It’s Limerick-Off time, once again. And that means I write a limerick, and you write your own, using the same rhyme word. Then you post your limerick(s) as a comment to this post and, if you’re a Facebook user, on Facebook too.

I hope you’ll join me in writing limericks using FINE (or DEFINE/REFINE/CONFINE) at the end of any one line. (Homonyms or homophones are fine.)

The best submission will be crowned Limerick-Off Award Winner. (Here’s last week’s Limerick-Off Award Winner.)

Additionally, you may write themed limericks related to CELEBRATIONS, using any rhyme scheme. And of course I’ll present an extra award — one for the best CELEBRATION-related limerick.

How will your poems be judged? By meter, rhyme, cleverness, and humor. (If you’re feeling a bit fuzzy about limerick writing rules, here’s my How To Write A Limerick article.)

I’ll announce the winners on January 7, 2018, right before I post the next Limerick-Off. So that gives you two full weeks to submit your clever, polished verse. Your submission deadline is Saturday, January 6, 2018, at 10:00 p.m. (Eastern Time.)

Here’s my limerick:

The food at the diner was fine
And surprisingly cheap, but the wine
Was the kind that you’d pay
Through the nose for — gourmet;
Its steep prices confined me to stein.

Please feel free to enter my Limerick-Off by posting your limerick(s) in my comments. And if you’re on Facebook, I hope you’ll join my friends in that same activity on my Facebook Limerick-Off post.

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117 Responses to “Limerick-Off Monday – Rhyme Word: FINE (or DEFINE/REFINE/CONFINE) at the end of any one line”

  1. Marty Gerendasy says:

    Once again it’s a special occasion,
    Time for merriment, joy, jubilation.
    A few glasses of wine
    Make it even more fine
    And a great, really great celebration!

  2. Lisi Nortman says:

    Elvis needed to refine
    His album called “The Devine”
    So he changed “Gas Station Of Love”
    To “You’re My Turtle Dove”
    Then everything worked out just fine

  3. Judith H Block says:

    Maccabean revolt celebrated,
    The Second Temple was rededicated;
    Not enough candle oil, an amaze-
    Menorah lit, burned for eight days,
    A miracle! All were quite elated.j

  4. Judith H Block says:

    Got her drunk with a very fine wine,
    Took advantage, despicable swine.
    She got more than his kiss.
    Was too drunk to resist,
    #Me too- she exposed him just fine.

  5. Lisi Nortman says:


    Our “Super” Mr. Klein
    Fixes our plumbing perfectly fine
    He’s been here for 30 years
    And so now it appears
    He has 500 bottles of wine

  6. Lisi Nortman says:

    There’s just no way to define
    My Honey who’s simply sublime
    He brings me breakfast in bed
    Always includes Artisan bread
    Now I must get home; it’s a quarter to nine!!

  7. Lisi Nortman says:


    Our moms said we can have ONE drink
    But we really didn’t “think”
    New Year’s Eve was less than fine
    We all had too much wine
    Then went to throw up in the sink

  8. Lisi Nortman says:

    The fourth grade teacher said “please define
    The word of the day is benign”
    Jack said “great
    I know the date!
    March 3rd 2009”

  9. Lisi Nortman says:

    We went to see Rabbi Fine
    To borrow a little wine
    But when we got there
    He was saying a prayer
    While he was schtupping Mrs. Klein

  10. Lisi Nortman says:

    Every year on Christmas Day
    We always go away
    This year it’s Hawaii
    Hubby ran it by me:
    He’s looking for an interesting lai

  11. Lisi Nortman says:

    Things were not so fine
    With my new beau, Michael Klein
    He’s just so tall
    And I’m quite small
    We just couldn’t seem to align

  12. Lisi Nortman says:

    We celebrated our big 5-oh
    (Anniversary for me and Joe)
    As he made his speech
    For his coat he did reach
    And said, “Honey, this is the end of the show”

  13. Lisi Nortman says:

    I’m feeling unusually fine
    The wine is perfectly devine
    It’s a perfect get-away
    On this lovely day in May
    For just me and my clinging vine

  14. Lisi Nortman says:


    Every year on Christmas Day
    We always go FAR away
    This year it’s Hawaii
    Hubby ran it by me:
    He wants to get an interesting lai

  15. Lisi Nortman says:


    Elvis needed to redesign
    His album called “The Devine”
    So he changed ” Gas Station Of Love”
    To “You’re My Turtle Dove”
    Then everything worked out fine

  16. Lisi Nortman says:


    Elvis needed to redesign
    His album called “The Devine”
    So he changed ” Gas Station Of Love”
    To “You’re My Turtle Dove”
    Then everything worked out fine

  17. Lisi Nortman says:


    We celebrated our big 5 oh
    (Anniversary for me and Joe)
    As he made his speech
    For his coat he did reach
    “Honey, this is the end of the show”

  18. Lisi Nortman says:


    There is no way to define
    My Honey who’s just sublime
    He brings me breakfast in bed
    (Always includes Artisan bread)
    “I must get home; it’s almost nine”

  19. Lisi Nortman says:


    There is no way to define
    My Honey who’s just sublime
    He brings me breakfast in bed
    (Always includes Artisan bread)
    “I must get home’ it’s almost nine

  20. Lisi Nortman says:

    Our vacation was sublime
    Everything turned out fine
    We brought our daughter Mae
    Who turned 40 just today!
    I had her when I was 9

  21. Lisi Nortman says:

    Mad: previous limerick: Please change “who was 40” to who TURNED 40
    Thank You

  22. Kirk Miller says:

    Every limerick isn’t complete
    ‘Til its rhythm conforms to a beat
    So that every line
    Has a cadence that’s fine.
    All the writers must think on their feet.

  23. Lisi Nortman says:

    We had a marvelous celebration
    Honoring the dedication
    To a plaque of Trump
    And his prodigious rump
    Titled: “Rear Ending The Nation”

  24. Lisi Nortman says:

    Mad Please change “Of a plaque to “”To a plaque of Trump ” in previous limerick Thank You

  25. Lisi Nortman says:


    Here’s a query that’s answered with ease
    What do Jews do on Christmas Day, Please?
    We watch movies and read
    Surf the Net (dull indeed)
    But mostly we munch on Chinese.

    From MBK:
    No wonder that limerick sounds so familiar! LOL

  26. There once was a Santa so fine
    his last name we’ll now re-define:
    Trump’s “Santa Claws”
    with those small, deadly paws,
    ripping the poor to the spine.

  27. David Reddekopp says:

    For all of my life, I will pine
    For a girl with a body that’s fine
    And some junk in her trunk
    I like girls that have spunk –
    But of course, I prefer that it’s mine.

  28. Dave Johnson says:

    We’re lifting our glasses to cheer
    The end of a terrible year.
    Here’s hoping that fate
    In two oh one eight
    Will shred Donald Trump’s fake career.

  29. Marty Gerendasy says:

    Christmas Eve she had way too much wine.
    Her behavior was over the line.
    Couldn’t come up with bail,
    Thought she’d wind up in jail,
    But the judge let her off with a fine.

  30. Suzanne Heymann says:

    Big tax cuts for the rich – ain’t that fine!?
    They just worsened the poverty line.
    You can hear ev’ry twerp
    As they suck and they slurp
    From the trough till they burp, the damn swine!

  31. Suzanne Heymann says:

    Stupid men are so hard to define
    When some do (and some don’t) have a spine.
    I may let one stop by
    And then give him a try
    If the guy can sing, “I Walk the Line.”

  32. Suzanne Heymann says:

    If you even attempt to refine
    A big jerk-off like Trump, just resign!
    Even if you’ve diluted
    And pulled and uprooted
    You just can’t fix stupid, in swine.

  33. Suzanne Heymann says:

    I don’t think I could ever confine
    Any bird in a cage to be mine.
    Why not just clip its wing?
    Then expect the poor thing
    To be happy and sing you a line!?

  34. Suzanne Heymann says:

    When your birthday rolls around, remember this…

    So what if you’re one more year older?
    It isn’t a burden to shoulder.
    Celebrate, have some fun!
    And remember now, hon,
    You’re a much wiser one, and much bolder!

  35. Suzanne Heymann says:


    If Trump would decide to resign
    Along with his swampmates, that’s fine!
    When you all celebrate
    Go ahead, re-create
    That “Make ‘Merica Great Again” line!

  36. Lisi Nortman says:

    I had some California wine
    And I’m feelin’ mighty fine
    But when you tend to drink
    It’s very hard to think
    Of a clever and funny punch line

  37. Mark Kane says:

    In the tavern she gave him a sign,
    She smiled, and he ordered them wine.
    They laughed and laughed more,
    Then slipped out the door,
    For frenzied fun sex, oh so fine.

  38. Lisi Nortman says:


    Things are not so fine
    For me and Michael Klein
    He is VERY tall
    And I’m the one who’s small
    We just can’t seem to align

  39. Lisi Nortman says:

    I’m not feeling very fine
    Being a “senior” at the “Pine”
    All I hear is “Guess who fell?”
    And I know very well
    That I’m the next one in the line

  40. Lisi Nortman says:

    OOPS !!

    I just had some Bordeaux wine
    And Oh Boy, I’m feelin’ fine
    But when you drink
    It’s hard to think
    Of a clever and funny PUNCHY line

  41. Chris Gross says:

    Happy eight-year old child seemed fine,
    Until x-rays showed tumor on spine.
    A biopsy they took
    To obtain closer look;
    And we all hope next year she’ll benign.

  42. Dave Johnson says:

    Their holiday party was fun;
    Employees united as one.
    Agreements were made,
    Some people got laid;
    Eve’s brothel is very well run.

  43. Sharon Neeman says:

    Jim Klein, having had too much wine,
    Drove his car toward Paul Fein and Bob Hein.
    Hein was hit in the back;
    Fein ducked into a crack —
    The niche, just in time, that saved Fein.

  44. Val Fish says:

    I pretend to the world that I’m fine
    But as we launch into ‘Auld Lang Syne’
    The pain I can’t hide
    Seeing her by his side
    I despair that he’ll ever be mine

  45. Lisi Nortman says:

    Albert Einstein was so fine
    That for him they built a shrine
    But on any given day
    Couldn’t he get away
    To “La Zurich Hair Design?”

  46. Kirk Miller says:

    Tightrope walkers believe it is fine
    When they walk on a cable, divine.
    People say they’re high strung
    And for sure are among
    All the folks who like being online.

  47. Kirk Miller says:

    Tightrope walkers believe it is fine
    When they walk on a cable, divine.
    People say they’re high strung
    And for sure are among
    All the folks who like being online.

  48. Lisi Nortman says:


    I had some Bordeaux wine
    And I was feelin’ mighty fine
    But when you tend to drink
    I’s very hard to think
    Of a clever “punchy” line

  49. Dave Johnson says:

    “Your Honor, I hereby decline
    This order; it crosses the line.”
    The judge shook his head;
    To the bailiff he said:
    “He’s channeling Trump. We’ll confine.”

  50. Phil Huffy says:

    A hubby who thought it benign
    Took his spouse from the back and said “Fine!”
    She replied with a groan
    “As opposed to the prone
    I’d prefer from now on the supine”

  51. Suzanne Heymann says:

    Nice acrostic there, Dave Johnson! (the one from Dec. 26)

  52. Lisi Nortman says:

    Should old acquaintance(s) be forgot?
    My opinion is certainly not !!
    Your party will end
    Because you haven’t made a friend
    Since Abe Lincoln was dreadfully shot

  53. Lisi Nortman says:


    At the “senior” festivities in Rome
    We all drank and wrote a “cute” poem
    But at the end of the night
    All wasn’t right
    We couldn’t find our way home

  54. John Armstrong says:

    Thank you, I’m doing quite fine
    Or at least no occasion to whine
    It’s really not bad
    Not at all sad
    Maybe it’s only benign

  55. John Armstrong says:

    The horns were all tooting
    As the New Year gained footing
    A quick little kiss
    And a grab at a miss
    Resulted in indignant law suiting

  56. Dave Johnson says:

    The naturist party was planned,
    Including a hot, local band.
    Engaging and loud,
    They were dressed like the crowd;
    So dancers would know where they stand.

  57. Dave Johnson says:

    Suzanne – you spotted it. Thanks!

  58. Lisi Nortman says:

    Drink to the New Year!!
    And recite a Holiday Prayer:
    “No more strife
    In our life
    And no more orange hair”

  59. Lisi Nortman says:

    If you chop an onion real fine
    Then add a cup of wine
    You’ll not only get stewed
    But you’ll be considered crude
    Because your breath will smell like swine

  60. Lisi Nortman says:


    If you chop an onion real fine
    Then add a cup of wine
    You’ll not only get stewed
    But BE considered crude
    Because you breath will smell like swine

  61. Kirk Miller says:

    There’s a cop at my door, a bad sign;
    Has a dog; wants to know if it’s mine.
    By the roadside, he said,
    Dog gave birth. Why my dread?
    I’ll be getting a littering fine.

  62. Suzanne Heymann says:

    If it’s me they should ever confine
    In a prison, I might not decline
    As long as they dish
    Out my favorite wish –
    Daily bring me Manischewitz wine!

    That would help me to drown all my sorrows
    With much time which no criminal borrows
    ‘Cause it’s free, and it’s mine
    And it suits me just fine
    I can drink, I can dine on tomorrows!

  63. Lisi Nortman says:

    At the New Year’s party I was forlorn
    For my hubby I felt nothing but scorn
    So when he did cough
    And his pants fell off
    I told him to blow his own horn

  64. Lisi Nortman says:


    At the New Year’s party I was forlorn
    For my hubby, I felt nothing but scorn
    So when he STARTED TO COUGH
    And his pants fell off
    I told him to blow his own horn

  65. Lisi Nortman says:

    I hope this season will last
    It just seems to go by so fast
    No one wrote a poem
    It’s just me alone
    And the “Ghost Of Christmas Past”

  66. Lisi Nortman says:


    I hope this season will last
    It just seems to go by so fast
    No one wrote a poem
    I’s just me alone
    WITH the ghost of Christmas past

  67. Kathleen Bartoletti says:

    Her beauty was hard to define —
    Much more than skin deep, he’d opine,
    If invited to bed her
    Or encouraged to wed her
    In neither case would he decline.

  68. Kathleen Bartoletti says:

    A wedding, and no fruit of the vine;
    “Bring me water, six jars should be fine.”
    So he asked for, and received,
    And a miracle achieved
    When the water was turned into wine.

  69. Tim James says:

    A woman would strictly define
    All her beaus by their phallic design.
    If the size of their stuff
    Wasn’t quite up to snuff,
    “Where’s the beef?” was her withering line.

  70. Kirk Miller says:

    The chimney sweeps’ jobs aren’t divine,
    But rarely, if ever, they whine.
    It’s a well-paying trade;
    They clean up when they’re paid.
    It’s said that their job soots them fine.

  71. Phil Huffy says:

    The Christmas tree season went fine
    for a farmer who peddles that line
    put the acreage planned
    did not meet the demand
    and now he must move to re-pine

  72. Mike Moulton says:

    A girl thought things would be fine,
    If she just plucked one fruit from a vine,
    But when biting in haste,
    A worm was displaced
    Who said, “Hey sweetheart this one is mine.”

  73. Tim James says:

    We will celebrate soon ― this is true ―
    Thirty years since we both said “I do.”
    What’s the secret? I say:
    Just be kind ev’ry day.
    (Giving chocolate works really well too.)

  74. Konrad Schwoerke says:

    All my lim’ricks are awesomely fine.
    If I may, they are simply divine.
    Though I don’t know the whys
    Of my telling you guys,
    Since I don’t write these pearls for swine.

  75. Lisi Nortman says:


    Papa’s “90th” was going real fine
    But I think he had a bit too much wine
    He stood on a table
    (Best as he was able)
    And said, “See those kids over there; they a’int even mine”

  76. Kirk Miller says:

    I know of a hangman named Stein
    Who tells jokes filled with puns that are fine.
    He’s cord-ial when talking,
    So people come flocking.
    He will string you along to the pun-ch line.

  77. Mark Kane says:

    Welcome Back Konrad Schwoerke, oh and I just love ‘Pearls Before Swine’ :)

  78. David Reddekopp says:

    I decided that I’d take a chance
    In an effort to try to enhance
    The amount of good cheer
    To ring in the new year
    I put mistletoe into my pants

    Though my actions were bold and quite brash
    No one noticed or batted a lash
    So all I had to show
    From that damn mistletoe
    Was a rather embarrassing rash.

  79. Loyd Dillon says:

    He: “Dystopian seems to define
    “This Trumpian dark world of mine.”
    She: “I say screw it.”
    He: “Then let’s DO it!”
    They: each got undressed then supine.

  80. Fred Bortz says:

    With apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary

    A racehorse named Stewball drank wine.
    He was thirty-to-one on the line.
    I’m a jailbird today,
    ‘Cause I bet on the bay–
    Thirty days, since I can’t pay the fine.

    I’m confined to a cell that’s quite narrow,
    Where I’m chilled all the way to my marrow.
    I’d be free as a bird
    Had I heeded the word
    Of Travers and Stookey and Yarrow.

  81. P Diane Schneider says:

    Oh yes, my New Year’s was divine
    There is no good reason to whine
    I took to my bed
    A novel I read
    And settled for fruit of the vine.

  82. P Diane Schneider says:

    T’was such a good time to recline
    And savor the fruit of the vine
    Ignoring the rockets
    And upcoming dockets
    Oh yes, my New Year’s was divine!

  83. Fred Bortz says:

    A look back from 2020

    When we found out that Tr*mp did collude,
    ‘Round the world, celebration ensued.
    Mueller also declared,
    “Michael Pence is ensnared.
    The whole enterprise is unglued.”

    Since the Dems took the Congress, they knew
    That they had some repairing to do.
    They set out to restore
    EPA and much more.
    And who should be happy? Yes, you!

  84. Konrad Schwoerke says:

    Thanks, Mad. I’ve missed you and this.

    From Mad: Well, we’ve all certainly missed YOU! And Mark says hi. :)

  85. Anisha says:

    The doctor asked “are you fine?”
    If I said yes, I’d be lying
    So he took a good look
    And wrote in his book
    “Next time avoid cheap wine”.

  86. Kirk Miller says:

    When involved in a celebration,
    I have noticed a correlation
    With the joy that I feel
    Deep inside. It’s so real
    That I guess it’s a core elation.

  87. Dave Johnson says:

    At a New Year’s Eve party, her glance
    Was the start of their torrid romance.
    Obsessed through and through,
    They would happily screw
    On a surfboard, if given the chance.

  88. Sharon Neeman says:

    If you’ve heard this before, just say “Stop!” —
    How my auntie once bested a cop:
    He stopped dear Aunt Esther
    And said he’d arrest her.
    “What for? That’s just tools from my shop.”

    “Those crowbars? I’ll give you a fine.”
    “Then I’ll say that you raped me, you swine!”
    “I did not! That’s not fair!”
    “Well, your… tool… is right there,
    Just the same as you said about mine.”

  89. Sharon Neeman says:

    For Jews, celebrations are sweet,
    With a theme that will leave us replete:
    “Though our enemies tried
    To commit genocide,
    Yet they failed; we prevailed. Now let’s eat!”

  90. Tom Harris says:

    Alas, my manners when I dine
    Are quite like those of a swine.
    I grunt, burp, and slobber,
    A sight oh so macabre,
    This decorum I will not refine.

  91. Sharon Neeman says:

    One year later — I know that it’s rude,
    But our country’s been thoroughly screwed;
    And perhaps what hurts worst
    Is: we weren’t kissed first.
    Celebration? I’m not in the mood.

  92. Sharon Neeman says:

    Kid, you want to get smart with me? Fine —
    But that iPad you’ve got there? It’s mine.
    So’s your phone, your TV
    And your laptop — oh, gee!
    Don’t you know I just hate when you whine?

  93. brian allgar says:

    Now, what’s the best way to define
    Donald Trump? Well, apart from “That swine”,
    Some believe he’s a rumor,
    Some insist he’s a tumor,
    But either way, wholly malign.

  94. Sharon Neeman says:

    Half a year from the Day of St. Vitus*,
    Winter weather has come back to bite us.
    All this rain may be fine
    For your garden and mine,
    But it’s hell on a spine with arthritis.

    *St. Vitus’ Day: June 28, a national holiday in Serbia. Aren’t you glad you asked?

  95. brian allgar says:

    Donald Junior thought it was fine
    To conspire with the Russian combine.
    But his treason, we hope,
    Will be sending the dope
    To a place where the son doesn’t shine.

  96. Lisi Nortman says:

    There’s no way to define
    How utterly sublime
    It is to have twins
    Whose every sentence begins
    With, “It isn’t yours; it’s mine”

  97. Lisi Nortman says:

    MAD Please change “With It’s not yours” to with it ISN’T yours
    in previous limerick

    Thank You



  98. brian allgar says:

    “Let’s go down to my cellar.” “Divine!”,
    Said the bimbo. “I love tasting wine,
    But there’s one tricky bit –
    Should I swallow or spit?”
    “For this tasting,” he said, “both are fine.”

  99. brian allgar says:

    Celebrations are called for today!
    Though I’m ill every year, let me say
    Through my coughing and sneezing
    And choking and wheezing,
    Fucking Christmas is one year away!

  100. Ken Gosse says:

    Dry Heat and Warm Cold ~
    Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
    But here in AZ it’s delightful,
    So I’ll be just fine
    If it keeps it’s confine
    And won’t freeze off my ass by the biteful.

  101. Sharon Neeman says:

    Ado Annie: “Hell, who needs a reason
    Like a birthday, a job or a season?
    If he says ‘Hey, let’s go!’,
    Well, I just cain’t say no —
    So I’ll celebrate any mood he’s in!”

  102. Sharon Neeman says:

    If I want a home run in my inning
    (What I mean is a good chance of winning),
    I should save the word “fine”
    For the end of the line
    And not squander it at the beginning!

  103. Sharon Neeman says:

    Damn, Mad. I meant: I should save the word “fine” / For the end of the line — will you fix it, please?



  104. Konrad Schwoerke says:

    Le’s party cuz Trump got it beat.
    Say bye-bye ta dis climate change heat.
    For da Man it ain’t nuttin’,
    Jus’ da push of a button—
    Don’t a nuclear winter soun’ sweet.

  105. Judith H Block says:

    Celebrations always mean foods,
    With drinks during, and as a prelude.
    People tend to overeat.
    On the holidays, cheat.
    Then get in a penitent mood.

  106. Sharon Neeman says:

    “I should heckle the Prez,” sighed the twit,
    “But, you know, I just can’t give a sh*t.”
    “Constipated? That’s fine;
    You can throw some of mine —
    Or just join me and curse, shout and spit.”

  107. Mark Kane says:

    “Oh trust me my mind is just fine.”
    Tweets Trump in his latest loud whine.
    “I’m a genius and stable,
    And ready and able.
    I’m really like smart! Watch me shine.”

    Based on Trump’s latest tweet. Details follow here:

    Trump tweets

  108. Lisi Nortman says:

    Boy! I am feelin’ just fine
    I just had a jug of country wine
    And when a cop said, “Halt”
    I knew I wasn’t at fault
    Because I walked a perfect crooked line

  109. Dave Johnson says:

    In a film rather hard to define,
    Two lovers embrace and entwine.
    No dialogue here,
    Though her face would appear
    To say “Hey, I got yours, you got mine.”

  110. Suzanne Heymann says:

    Donald’s brain is a bit of a mystery
    It’s unbalanced, bizarre, bleak and blistery
    So preserve it in brine
    As a way to confine
    The most backward bloodline in our history.

  111. Suzanne Heymann says:

    When will USA fin’lly confine
    This old orange buffoon of a swine?
    After Trump becomes forked
    And in jail, he gets porked
    I will drink and get corked on some wine!

  112. Suzanne Heymann says:

    Let us celebrate Donald’s decline
    He’ll be out on his ass; that’s just fine!
    There’s a new book in town
    Turn your frown upside down
    So just pass it around; it’s divine!

    “Fire and Fury” I do recommend
    As I’m howling with laughter, no end!
    I don’t care whether you
    Think it’s fake news or true,
    Michael Wolff is my new bestest friend!

  113. Suzanne Heymann says:

    Donald thinks that he’s very admired
    By his minions whom he has all hired.
    Now won’t that be just fine
    If he reads ev’ry line
    Of that book? Then he’d whine, “You’re all fired!”

  114. Henry Tunahuna says:

    “I’m sorry sir, there’s a large fine
    for walking, in town, a bovine.”
    “Why so?”, I protest
    “This bison’s the best
    of America-only design!”

  115. Henry Tunahuna says:

    Said the Sine to the Cosine, “So fine
    to see how our mirrors do shine!”
    Then the Tangent jumped in
    and said “Why be thin? —
    Trigonometry’s really a trine!”

  116. Henry Tunahuna says:

    And to you,” (said the King), “I assign
    this formidable task: the combine
    from both Earth and Heaven
    those yeasts that will leaven
    the breads of all truly divine.”

  117. madkane says:

    Thanks so much everyone for another fun two weeks of limericks. This Limerick-Off is officially over. And the winner is…
    Limerick-Off Award 289.

    Congratulations to our Limerick-Off Award Winner, the Celebration-Themed Limerick Winner, and to the Honorable Mention winners.

    But you can still have lots of limerick fun because a new Limerick-Off has just begun: Limerick-Off Steal.