Limerick of the Week (239)

It’s time to announce the latest Limerick of the Week based on submissions (on this blog and on Facebook) in last week’s Limerick-Off.

Congratulations to JON GEARHART, who wins Limerick of the Week for this funny verse:

Your mama’s the sexual type.
She likes to go hunting for SNIPE
And she thinks SNIPE is PENIS.
(SEX DAILY between us
Is more than DYSLEXIA hype!)

And congratulations to these Honorable Mention winners (in random order) Brian Allgar, Tim James, David Reddekopp, Robert Schechter, and Konrad Schwoerke. Here are their respective Honorable Mention limericks:

Brian Allgar:

Every day she would snivel and snipe:
“Must you smoke that unspeakable tripe?”
So he smoked the old bag,
Got a new tin of shag,
And contentedly puffed on his pipe.

Tim James:

I’m so jealous I can’t even snipe.
His gal Friday, according to hype,
With her hands, mouth, and *that*
Laid the fellow out flat;
With her toes she’d concurrently type.

David Reddekopp:

Amazed at the size of my pipe,
My girlfriend would snicker and snipe:
“Now that you have revealed it
I ask, can you wield it?
Let’s hope it lives up to the hype.”

Robert Schechter:

The Donald is nothing but hype,
A blowhard. We all know the type.
He boasts and he struts
But he’s simply a putz
Who has mastered the Art of the Snipe.

Konrad Schwoerke:

Though I swear I do not mean to snipe,
There are rules for those times that we Skype.
No one wants to see ass
In the bathroom — it’s crass—
And, for God’s sake, don’t stand there and wipe!

Congratulations again to all the winners for your wonderful limericks. And thanks to everyone for your fun submissions.

In the next couple of minutes I’ll be posting a new Limerick-Off, which gives you yet another opportunity to win Limerick Of The Week.

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6 Responses to “Limerick of the Week (239)”

  1. Jon Gearhart says:

    Congrats everybody and thanks, Mad, for your impeccable taste… :-)

  2. Konrad Schwoerke says:

    Congrats to all! Thanks, Mad.

  3. Brian Allgar says:

    Nice anagrams, Jon.

  4. colonialist says:

    An a gram is more fun than nuf!

  5. Professors were told at year’s end
    Your services here must now end
    Protests were many
    They’d ne’er saved a penny
    Expecting instead a stipend

  6. Oops, spelling correction for professors

    (from Mad Kane: Fixed.)