Smarting from “Smart Shoes” (Limerick)

Do we really need “smart shoes” that will vibrate us in the right direction using Google Maps? Ducere Technologies thinks so.

Smarting from “Smart Shoes” (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Dear shoemakers, please have a heart.
I do NOT want my shoes to be smart.
I just want them to feel
(both my sole and my heel)
Like they’re not out for blood from the start.

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2 Responses to “Smarting from “Smart Shoes” (Limerick)”

  1. z.alexi says:

    Your egghead limerick [“Smart Shoes”] is as topical as this wk’s “Warning: New Shoe Ads [by 9 West] May be Harmful to Women’s Health”…hole in one, Mad! Eff 9 West…buy Arche shoes–you feel like you’re walking on marshmallows. After decades of women griping about more expensive [than men’s] clothes, haircuts, dry-cleaner prices & nasty shoes [not just hi heels], male shoe designers continue their hate: Blahnik, Choo, Ferragamo, jailbird Madden served only 41 mos. All should be sentenced to wear their own designs for a 40-hr work wk + events [restaurants, MDs, B’way shows, sports stadium after work, pick up kids at childcare ctr, &c]. Perhaps then they’ll storm outta the stratosphere & get down to earth. Chinese footbinding was punishment enough from men. Andrea Dworkin’s “Woman Hating” details foot binding [twisted deformed feet, pain, torture] that freaked women out from 618 ‘til 20th century. Yikes. We don’t want to walk near heaven, guys, much prefer sidewalk.