Without Common Sense, We’re Toast (Limerick)

I couldn’t possibly resist a title like this: “London firefighters urge ‘common sense’ after penis freed from toaster.

Without Common Sense, We’re Toast (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

When devising some bedroom delights,
It ain’t right to try reaching new heights
With devices like toasters
And blenders and roasters,
Else your privates might need their last rites.

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8 Responses to “Without Common Sense, We’re Toast (Limerick)”

  1. grapeling says:

    I doubt it was meant to demean us
    when practicing sexy extremis
    toasty input is good
    when you’re sporting the wood
    but toaster extraction is hard on the penis

  2. Rallentanda says:

    when trying some bedroom delight
    be sensible sane yes that’s right
    forget whips cuffs hot toasters
    emergency guys will roast yer
    a charred penis is not a nice sight

  3. Talon says:

    When I stop laughing at all these fabulous limericks…well…I’m amazed I can type! :)

  4. Ella says:

    Bravo! This is brilliantly clever- oh, my….

  5. toast your desire with a kiss
    an implement disturbs the bliss
    if a toaster is heated
    to get you sweeted
    its bound to be a sure miss

    making romance doth require good sense
    with a toaster you cometh whence
    I shout at you..go away
    this isn’t the way that I play
    how could you have been so dense

  6. Sara v says:

    Mad, thank you so much. Talk about starting my day on a smile–actually it was a full belly laugh :-) the limerick is hilarious and the title—awesome:-)

  7. shanyn says:

    I used to be a fire fighter and common sense had very little to do with the people we helped during calls – this had me laughing so hard I almost snorted coffee out my nose!

  8. z. alexi says:

    Wondered~~when I heard Leno mention it~~was he trying to tan his tool? Toasters are for toasting bread not roasting sausages. Did he say why? Was toaster plugged in? “Last rites to privates”~~good one. P.S. Betcha they’re his “publics”…seems like a social chap.