Acrostic Madness (Edible Acrostic)

I’ve decided to post an extra challenge this week, just in case my Limerick-Offs aren’t keeping you busy enough. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write an ACROSTIC poem that has something to do with FOOD, in any form you choose, be it limerick, haiku, quatrain, tanka, etc.

What’s an acrostic poem?

In an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line should, taken together, spell out the topic of your poem. Please note that it’s NOT enough to spell out a word; Your limerick or other poem must describe or otherwise directly relate to that word.

I’ll illustrate with an acrostic limerick, bolding the first letter of each line, for emphasis:

Acrostic Spice (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Sometimes people like food that is bland.
Perhaps some enjoy cooking that’s canned.
I, in case I can’t savor
Cuisine that lacks flavor,
Embellish the dishes, by hand.

UPDATE: June 10th is National Herbs And Spices Day and August 19 is Hot And Spicy Food Day.

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16 Responses to “Acrostic Madness (Edible Acrostic)”

  1. Mike Rosson says:

    For a good snack, an apple’s a winner.
    Red or yellow or green- what a dinner!
    Uppermost in position
    In our mythic tradition
    Thanks to the original sinner.

  2. Mark Kane says:

    Having lived in Bahhhhstun on and off for six years back in the early seventies, one of my favorite fish to enjoy was “SCROD”.

    I soon learned there was no such fish at all, but rather just a marketing device to help the “Parker House Hotel” in Bahhhhhstun sell more fresh fish.


    Here’s my attempt at explaining all that in a limerick:

    Seems this item is really a dish,
    Created to market more fish.
    Renaming the cod
    Or give haddock the nod
    Defining it thus filled their wish.

  3. Kevin Ahern says:

    The worried young scientist reckons
    As to strategies when aging beckons
    So he aims for younger
    Then with his great hunger
    Yes, he will just go back four seconds

    Dear vegetarian editor takes
    It in during her mealtime breaks
    Ever wearing a frown
    The time she sits down
    See, she’s always thinking missed steaks

    Dan’s newest hot diets amaze
    It’s due to a church-rooted craze
    Each believer won’t frown
    To see scales up/down
    Seems it works in mysterious weighs

    Ben the baker today has succeeded
    Routing quotas were all superceded
    Every reason is blessed
    As you’ve probably guessed
    Due to having the things that he’s kneaded

    Craving for the stuff I’m insane
    How addicting! It’s just like cocaine
    Every time I’m a softie
    When I get shipped toffee
    Sent out in a big chew chew train

    For the problems the weighty man faced
    All the roots are in calories misplaced
    That’s most undeserving
    Tho’ he believes in conserving
    Yet lets all his food go to waist

    Bartenders ‘round here will report
    Each customer swallowing a snort
    Espeaks rather loudly
    Regaling and rowdy
    Since two pints can make one cavort

  4. Fred Bortz says:

    Cut and pasted from the Facebook page:

    Death in a cup it may be,
    Everyone seems to agree,
    ‘Cause with no morning buzz,
    A brain is like fuzz.
    Fiend for caffeine — that is me.

    Bad for our arteries? Yes.
    All cardiac doctors profess:
    Cholesterol’s awful,
    Oh! Still with a waffle
    Nobody wants anything less.

    Pecan or key lime,
    I savor every forkful,
    Every crumb of crust.

    Prodded onward,
    And savoring Italian cuisine,
    So I pen blank verse
    To the God of the Olive Garden.

  5. Ailsa McKillop says:

    Soft butter you’ll need, and sugar (that’s caster); 4 eggs and some flour—sift it first, it blends faster—
    Prepare 7 inch tins (rub the insides with butter); then line them with circles of paper (use cutter)
    Oven should go on right now to pre-heat; 350/180/Gas Mark 4 (obsolete?)
    Now again wash your hands and remove any rings! Fasten hair back; tie your apron with strings!
    Golden brown sponge is our aim; our ambition. A plate for tea-time that is part good nutrition!
    Eight ounces of butter; of sugar the same. Mix boldly with spoon — not a lump is your aim.

    Crack the eggs in a bowl and whisk until golden. This mixture is then in the butter enfolden.
    Add flour—8 ounces—it should be self-raising; dole into the tins; whack in oven all blazing.
    Knife at the ready, test ‘fore half-hour’s done; remove; set to cool; you’re on the home run!
    Easy to finish—use jam and whipped cream—to sandwich the halves—serve a treat that’s supreme!

  6. For a varied cuisine, you require
    Almost any food you might desire
    Now, this diet’s not cheap
    Costs can even get steep
    You must think of this as you retire

    Fancy Feast can reduce what you pay
    Eat for sixty-eight pennies a day
    All the surveys reveal
    Seniors love a good deal
    The cat though?…well pets are passé

  7. Meat means that some beast is prey
    Ending some beast’s short life in a day.
    Animals then took a vow:
    “Together!” and now
    Skunk says, “Bow you heads. Let us spray.”

  8. Mike Rice says:

    Canned beens cooked hot on a platter
    Hot sauce on it too, for that matter
    I’ll add a tomato or two
    Low heat it like stew…
    Each serving I hope doesn’t splatter!

  9. kaykuala says:

    Can one relate to people that easy
    At most pretensions of being friendly
    That said and done
    Catch on some fun
    Hatching a success with a good strategy


  10. Sue Dulley says:

    Chicken pot pie has no pot.
    How can a chili be hot?
    If names aren’t the key
    Let’s just taste and see –
    If food’s good, who cares what name it’s got?

  11. Sue Dulley says:

    Give me some fruit from a vine,
    Red or white, leave it out of the wine
    And feed me a bunch
    Peeled and seeded for lunch,
    Even unpeeled they always taste fine.

  12. Sue Dulley says:

    Sausage, veggie, chicken soup,
    Onions, cheese baked into goop
    Unsurpassed as comfort food
    Puts me in a mellow mood.

  13. Sue Dulley says:

    Eggs are great, unless
    Gooey uncooked white surrounds
    Gruesome broken yolk.

  14. Sue Dulley says:

    Nourishing though small
    Undemanding (once they’re shelled)
    Treats that came from trees.

  15. Wow I thought limericks were challenging to start! Amazing job you really are the master =) The new prompt is up I’d love to see you =)

  16. madkane says:

    Thanks so much everyone for your fun and clever music-themed acrostic limericks. I enjoyed them all!