Gunning For Father Of The Year? (Limerick)

Taking your baby son with you when visiting a hooker is probably unwise:

A man in Tuscaloosa may be charged with child endangerment after taking along his nine month old son during a meeting with a prostitute.

Once inside the motel room, another man entered and a fight broke out. Shots were fired while the baby was in the room, and a bullet grazed the father’s head.

Gunning For Father Of The Year?
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Dear dads, if your kid’s under one,
And you’re looking for prostitute fun,
A sitter’s a must;
Else forget about lust,
Or be labeled a son of a gun.

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3 Responses to “Gunning For Father Of The Year? (Limerick)”

  1. Mike Dailey says:

    I saw my first hooker at nine
    Months – I’m ahead of my time
    Dad made the payment
    For the night’s entertainment
    My interest was just borderline

    She might of thought me a rube
    With no protection and no lube
    and I didn’t want kaslopus
    So daddy didn’t stop us
    When I just reached for a boob

    For you know as a nine-month male
    I hadn’t a taste for tail
    But a boob in the hand
    Is enough for this man
    And that act won’t land me in jail

  2. madkane says:

    Scary, indeed, Linda Ann! Thanks for your fun poem Mike!