My Telemarketer Hang-up (Limerick)

My Telemarketer Hang-up (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

My name’s on the “do not call” list,
But our phone rings non-stop, and I’m pissed.
“How’s my energy plan?”
Says a voice — not a man,
But a bot, energetic’ly dissed.

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4 Responses to “My Telemarketer Hang-up (Limerick)”

  1. I hate those type of calls too…

  2. Jannpoet says:

    When I catch the drift
    someone reading a script
    it is something I can not bear
    only one thing to do it’s old and not new
    I calmly hang up in there ear!

  3. Linda Fuller says:

    I hear you, sister.

    These calls, automated, nerve-wracking,
    Impervious to my back-tracking,
    Should be made illegal.
    A good legal beagle
    Would soon send these miscreants packing.

  4. madkane says:

    Thanks for your fun limericks Jann and Linda!