Just In Time For Chanukah Limerick Audio

Just in time for Chanukah, I’ve given Winter Wonderland a new first verse. Feel free to add your own verses, if you’re so inclined. As for me, I’m on the hunt for some chocolate Chanukah gelt. But first I must sing my Chanukah song verse:

Candles lit. Are you looking?
Dreidels spin. Latkas cooking.
Menorahs aglow.
(A mitzvah, you know.)
Chanukah is here. Strike up the band.

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6 Responses to “Just In Time For Chanukah Limerick Audio

  1. Ellen Garneau says:

    Candles lit. Are you looking?
    All the lakas, they are cooking.
    I’ve got the sour cream,
    with Apple Sauce they’re a scream.
    To pay for this I did a lot of hooking!! :~)


  2. jesse levy says:

    (Sung to the same tune as yours Mad)

    Didn’t know you were Jewish.
    Should have guessed but who knewish?
    So Hanukkah’s here
    I’ve got diarreah
    Now I’m only able to eat bland.

  3. madkane says:

    LOL! Thanks Jesse and Ellen!

  4. Joyce T. says:

    It was great to hear you singing, Mad! Very nice. Happy Hanukkah!

  5. scott says:

    Bear with me while, I run this by ya,
    being your friend, is a Mecheieh.
    From here in our home,
    we send a Shalom,
    and drink a toast for peace throughout the land.

    Mad, I hope I used the words correctly. My knowledge of Hebrew begins and ends with Jerry Seinfeld and Geddy Lee;-)