Spring In New York (Haiku)

Three haiku to “celebrate” an unseasonably cold first day of spring:

Calendar says spring,
But the weather disagrees.
Hope they work it out.

New York guys and gals
Greet springtime in their shirtsleeves
While winter mocks them. 

Spring shyly appears,
Taps winter on the shoulder,
Vows to try again.

(Inspired by One Single Impression’s spring prompt. And speaking of prompts, there’s still plenty of time to participate in my latest poetry prompt. How do you participate? Just write a haiku or limerick about poetry or writing and use Mr. Linky to post your themed link.)

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19 Responses to “Spring In New York (Haiku)”

  1. Rachel Green says:

    Lovely. It’s doing much the same here, too.

  2. SandyCarlson says:

    Wonderful. My delight grew with each one!

  3. Scott says:

    You’ve brought life to spring and the weather in a humorous, yet wishful manner. As a fellow NY/NJ-ite let’s hope spring finds its way soon.

  4. it is the same here

  5. Kate says:

    Ha! I like that! Especially the part about new york guys and gals. It’s what I do every spring.

  6. Raven says:

    These are just wonderful! I especially love the first and last. They are so true and well said. You have a lovely wry sense of humor that just delights me… makes my eyes feel twinkly… my humor test.

  7. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I like all of your kus but the last one is my favorite. I always think Ole Man Winter is trying to keep a grip on the weather. Spring has to sneak in and sometimes gets thrown out.

  8. Sian says:

    I enjoyed these

  9. Marianne says:

    Each one put a grin on my face, as we face the same…it’s almost like spring has forgotten about itself :))

  10. Spring never did arrive here. We have jumped to summers!

    It is already 36 Deg Celsius.

    reverently renewed

  11. spacedlaw says:

    If that’s any comfort, in Rome as well Spring is but the shyest of all.

  12. those are great madkane…. especially the shirt sleeves… have yet to dare peek my toes through sandals..

  13. Andrée says:

    I love these! Spring tapping winter’s shoulder? Well, it needs to POUND that shoulder here!!

  14. Daniel J Santos says:

    In Portugal we still waiting for the Spring.

    Beautiful moment.

  15. TeriC says:

    So perfect for ‘spring’!

  16. Sandy says:

    You described the Maine spring weather perfectly! What a year, huh?

  17. Really enjoyed the third, but they all made me miss New York city … well, only a little bit. Sunny southern California does have beautiful weather. :-)

  18. Linda Ann Nickerson says:


    Loved this one!


  19. excellent!! weather has a way of mocking us so often & your words capture this in such a clever way