Deja Views

Déjà Views
By Madeleine Begun Kane

“I could swear that I’ve been here before,”
Said the gal as she stepped through the door.
“And this déjà vu sense
Is making me tense.
I’m not sure I can take any more.”

“Just ignore it,” responded her mate.
“You’ve never spent time in this state.
It’s the house of our dreams,
And that’s why it seems
So familiar. Let’s buy it. It’s fate.”

(Inspired by Writers Island’s déjà vu prompt.  And speaking of prompts, there’s still plenty of time to participate in my latest poetry prompt. How do you participate? Just write a limerick or haiku about poetry or writing and use Mr. Linky to post your themed link.)

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5 Responses to “Deja Views”

  1. paisley says:

    either that or it is an foreboding conclusion to some masterminds evil plan!!!!

  2. I wouldn’t buy it! This is the perfect opening scene for a horror movie! Nice piece thiough.

  3. Rambler says:

    “You’ve never spent time in this state”

    hehhe I thought she had never been sober before :D

  4. Melanie-bd says:

    Ah, Mad my friend. It just keeps coming. Love it!

    toujours, lanie-bd

    ( I’m on a different toot lately.)

  5. Tumblewords says:

    why does this stir that famous old shower scene? Eerie! Well done – I love it – it’s definitely double sided!