Who’s The Fool Now? (Limerick)

I’m avoiding the April Fools’ fuss
Cuz I’d rather just glower and cuss;
Dour Donald’s in power
And life has grown sour.
It seems that the joke is on US!

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2 Responses to “Who’s The Fool Now? (Limerick)”

  1. Ken Gosse says:

    As you know, I usually only post on facebook and tend to forget that some people don’t live there. Since I just encouraged my fb friends to visit your Political Madness blog, I thought I would share this Limerick since it was inspired by yours, thank you.

    Foulwell, Foul Prince ~
    A fool and his throne are soon parted,
    But the stench is strong where his brain farted.
    Our Country’s made fool
    Suffering under his rule
    And can ne’er quite return whence we started.

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks for sharing my site and for your fun limerick!