Limerick Ode To Donald “Sore Loser” Trump

It’s all “rigged,” Donald’s loudly contended;
Childish whining, before the game’s ended.
What’s his proof? Trump has none!
He’s undone his own run
Through behavior that can’t be defended.

But to Donald, he’s never to blame;
Not his lies, nor his predator fame
Could ever account
For the polls, as they mount
Against Trump and his Alt-Rightist game.

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One Response to “Limerick Ode To Donald “Sore Loser” Trump”

  1. John Armstrong says:

    It’s rigged because it’s not a plutocracy
    But a good old American democracy
    You don’t always get what you want
    No matter how much you bully and taunt
    If so, it would just be idiocracy