Trumped Up Campaign (Limerick)

Here we go again! It’s too early to pretend to run for U.S. President. So instead, Donald Trump is fake-running for Governor of New York State.

Trumped Up Campaign (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

This brainchild (I trust) won’t get far:
New York Governor Trump — TV star.
He might run, Donald claims,
But we know his true aim’s
To get press for his show … or be czar.

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3 Responses to “Trumped Up Campaign (Limerick)”

  1. Fred Bortz says:

    Not very good, but it’s a start:

    On the gubernatorial stump
    You will find the toupeed Donald Trump.
    His eyes become misty
    When Governor Christie
    Gives President O. a fist bump.

  2. Steve Bates says:

    The trouble with Donald J. Trump?
    He thinks every voter’s a chump.
    He’s always defeated
    Because he’s conceited,
    His arrogance shows on the stump.

  3. z. alexi says:

    If Christie’s bridge is over troubled water, Trump’s brain drowned eons ago. He’s interminably on the same list as cockroaches, bigots & arsenic. He slaps his name on bldgs he doesn’t own~~as if naming stuff after himself will make his perineal wart grow bigger. Yuck. Swell limerix…thanx.