Goodbye Limerick For Michele Bachmann

Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann has decided not to seek a 5th Congressional term. So it’s time for a goodbye limerick:

Goodbye Limerick For Michele Bachmann
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Michele Bachmann, you’ll surely be missed.
You’ve provided such humor mill grist.
But we mockers are blessed
With a huge treasure chest
Of wingnuts at whom to get pissed.

Louie Gohmert is tops on that list.
Ted Cruz and Steve King still exist.
So we’ve fodder galore;
Finding humor’s no chore
With a party like yours in our midst.

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4 Responses to “Goodbye Limerick For Michele Bachmann”

  1. Hansi says:

    Well said. She sure was my favorite loonie from the right.

  2. Randy Mazie says:

    Bravo. Bravo.
    Loved the “With a party like yours in our midst.”

  3. zee alexi says:

    In May 2013, Bill Maher held a mock contest between the “Nut-Jobs” & “Bat-Shits”~~8 Reps vying for U.S.’ most-obtuse official. Steve King, ex-judge (!) Gohmert + Joe Barton [TX], Steve Stockman [TX], Don Young [AK], Scott DesJarlais [TN], Paul Broun [GA]…

    Att’y (!) Bachmann [evangelist’s Oral Rbts Law School] won at 61%, Gohmert’s #2 at 15%, King’s 8%! Ted Cruz [Senate~~not Hse of Reps] bagged [Tea-bagged] the write-in vote.

  4. Perhaps she’s expecting clear sailin’
    A TV career a la Palin,
    Or the chance of indictment
    Could the incitement
    That’s really the cause of her bailin’.