Finally, A John McCain Statement I Can Agree With

At first, I was amused by John McCain’s bitter-sounding “life isn’t fair” remark.

Asked why Obama has been rising as the Wall Street crisis has dominated attention, McCain said with a chuckle on Fox News Channel: “Because life isn’t fair.”

But on second thought, I’ve decided McCain is right:

Finally, A McCain Statement I  Can Agree With
By Madeleine Begun Kane

McCain’s very wrong about war
And on health care and taxes and more.
But he’s right (though it’s rare)
With his “life isn’t fair,”
Cuz what else could explain Bush v. Gore?

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5 Responses to “Finally, A John McCain Statement I Can Agree With”

  1. essaress says:

    Clearly, on the basis of her own statement..Mad Kane is a John Mccain supporter !!!!….

    heheheheheh…… man, thats really evil feeling…

    2:28 PM PDT

  2. Felis silvestris says:

    Great comment and limerick – forgive me for suggesting another final line:

    “cuz what else explains Bush beating Gore?”

  3. madkane says:

    Thanks Felis for the last line suggestion. It works well from a rhythm point of view. But I don’t believe Bush beat Gore in the election. :) The Supreme Court handed Bush the White House, but Bush didn’t beat him … except in the Bush v. Gore litigation.

  4. essaress says:

    I guess that makes me a damn Mccain supporter also, since I agree with you MK on the Bush/Gore thing….wow I hate this evil side of things….

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