A Do-Over Supreme Court Test For Palin?

According to Fred Thompson, Sarah Palin’s inability to name a single Supreme Court case she disagrees with wasn’t her fault.  Why not?  Because Katie Couric didn’t give her a list of cases.    I half-expected Thompson to demand  a do-over test.

A Do-Over Supreme Court Test For Palin?
By Madeleine Begun Kane

You’re excused, dear Ms. Palin. Rejoice!
Now that Thompson has lent you his voice,
The court case-test you flunked
Has been strongly debunked
As unfair — wasn’t  multiple choice.

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4 Responses to “A Do-Over Supreme Court Test For Palin?”

  1. Mark says:

    That would be cool if we got multiple answer options for every question.

  2. Roses says:

    C’mon, Sarah’s making history! How often do you get to hear the phrase “disastrous interview with Katie Couric”? I think this is a first!

  3. Steve Bates says:

    Even though I expected something like the “zinger” in the last three words, it still made me LOL when I read it… good one, Mad!

  4. Saint Augustine says:

    My professor for my Statistics for Economics course interviewed for his 1st teaching position in June and took a copy of the text book used in the course by other professors that year. By the time classes began in September the College had a different text as the required book for all undergraduate classes. Within two weeks 1/3 of the students had dropped the course because the terminology in the two books was different and students couldn’t connect his lectures with the terminology in the textbook.

    The average grade on the first exam was 8 points out of 100 and caused more students to drop the class. This new professor was dumbfounded and perhaps in fear of his job after that test. Fortunately the text book mix up was discovered in discussing the reason for everyone failing that test and the professor did indeed throw out that test and gave only open book take home tests after that point.

    Interestingly, I was the only student who scored 100 on the final exam because I was the only person to answer a 1 point question asking who three people were. The three names he listed were the textbook author, the Dean of the College of Business and the President of the University!