I’m Not Sweet On Sourdough Bread (Limerick)

To those of you who enjoy it, Happy Sourdough Bread Day! (April 1)

I am sour on sourdough bread;
Its taste tends to fill me with dread.
But at dough-contents questions
To stave off ingestions
Of sourdough, bakers see red.

I don’t mean to condemn or attack.
I can’t help it; my taste buds are wack.
To some dough, they say “No!”
So I’m begging you: Throw
Something sourdough-free in my sack.

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One Response to “I’m Not Sweet On Sourdough Bread (Limerick)”

  1. Tony Holmes says:

    Sourdough rediscovers the past,
    Proving yet again old ways outlast.
    Pharaohs, Caesars and Greeks
    Had it fresh with their leeks,
    And considered it quite unsurpassed.

    It’s worth noting, for those who won’t eat,
    Sourdough, if made right, can be sweet.
    It just has to be made –
    I can see you’re not swayed,
    But I promise, you’re missing a treat.