An Upside To Social Distancing (Limerick)

Headline: “Coronavirus is changing the way the world says ‘hello'”

Social distancing sounds fine to me!
No more hand-shaking, hugging? Whoopee!
Fewer kisses to duck?
Well that surely won’t suck!
(They are hard to fend off when you’re wee.)

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2 Responses to “An Upside To Social Distancing (Limerick)”

  1. Steve Benko says:

    Said the hookers, “We’ve never liked kissing;
    With this virus, there’s nothing we’re missing.
    But there’s no need to wean us
    From sucking a penis,
    Or showing the Donald some pissing.”

  2. CORONA VIRUS –A Downside from a Senior Facility resident

    It’s only the second damn day
    And I’m lonely and just want to say—
    (Or maybe just scream):
    This is all a bad dream!!!
    Please somebody, make it go ‘way!!!

    I moved here to be with a crowd
    Now we’re none of us even allowed
    To mingle or mix
    And wow, I’m in a fix!
    It’s like living beneath a black cloud!

    But this of course also will pass
    So let’s raise a (spotless!) wine glass—
    And toast to wellbeing
    And all of us seeing
    Each other— together en masse!