Limerick Ode To Canada Day

It’s Canada Day, so congrats.
You Canucks surely think that we’re bats.
And I have to concede
That you’re right. If I need
To flee Trump, do you have any flats?

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5 Responses to “Limerick Ode To Canada Day”

  1. Suzanne Heymann says:


    Empty flats here await in my city
    Because for you all, I have pity
    Come to Vancouver Isle
    Turn your frown to a smile
    Here the politics isn’t too shitty.

    Thanks, Mad, for acknowledging this special day for us Canuckleheads. Much appreciated!

  2. If *Trump* wins, I’m calling it quits.
    But I can’t go to Canada. It’s
    Very probably going
    To be overflowing
    With fed-up expatriate Brits.

  3. Robyn Raymer says:

    There once was a Donald named Trump
    Who stupidly went on the stump.
    He trumped up some lies
    And applied orange dyes
    To his hair and his face and his rump!

  4. Kay Davies says:

    A little late getting to your Canada Day limerick, but I surely appreciate it.
    I will be in Europe when you people have your election, and I’ve told my husband that I’m going to jump ship when my plane lands at Heathrow, and ask for refugee status in Britain, or, preferably, Scotland.

  5. Kay Davies says:

    If I were you, I’d jump at that invitation to Vancouver Island. It is beautiful.