The Felonious Feline (Limerick)

Just in time for National Cat Day (Oct 29):

Dear cat, you can’t dupe me with purr-bull,
And you don’t deserve anything herbal.
No treats and no pity,
Felonious kitty!
I’ve proof that you’ve eaten my gerbil.

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One Response to “The Felonious Feline (Limerick)”

  1. Suzanne Heymann says:

    How much do you want for your cat?
    My house contains mice and a rat
    My own cat is lazy
    And I’m going crazy
    ‘Cause I don’t know why he’s like that.

    Or hey! We can trade cats instead
    Your gerbils would never be dead
    My cat is too nice
    To hurt rodents or mice
    But your cat here will sure be well-fed!