Verse for the Birds (Limerick and Quatrain)

Happy “National Bird Day!”

A birder who’d frequently swear
His toupée was in fact his real hair,
Was caught by a gust,
And his toupe, not just mussed,
Flew the coop, leaving pate rather bare.


“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” —
People tell me that all of the time.
Such axioms give me a pain in the tush.
Were I queen, I would make them a crime.

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One Response to “Verse for the Birds (Limerick and Quatrain)”

  1. Larry_Lamb says:

    A Birder who’d frequently swear
    His Toupee was in fact his real hair
    He was caught by a gust so
    His head was all bared and so was his beard
    and he said that’s damn well not fair!