Limerick Ode To Our Pothole

Limerick Ode To Our Pothole
By Madeleine Begun Kane

I reported a pothole last week,
And the city did give it a tweak.
Have they fixed it? You’re joking,
Or possibly toking.
Adding cones seems to be their technique.

This dangerously deep pothole is less than a block from our house. Mark just snapped this pic of it:


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2 Responses to “Limerick Ode To Our Pothole”

  1. Konrad Schwoerke says:

    You guys seem to have left this off the tour you gave me, apparently, attempting to conceal the dark underbelly of Bayside.

  2. z. alexi says:

    NYC’s Administrative Code was shuffled 3 times: 1979, 1982, 2003. Sts & potholes are the responsibility of the city. [Maintaining safe sidewalks is the duty of the corp or person(s) who owns the land adjacent to the sidewalk.] Perhaps DOT will stuff it tonite? How many rats have ya seen pop outta that pothole? Pot = deep cylindrical shape…not a place to toss your pots & pans.