A Rhyme To The Wise (2-Verse Limerick)

A Rhyme To The Wise (2-Verse Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

A scrappy young felon liked rhyme,
So he promised himself — no more crime.
He’d instead be a rapper.
But here is the capper:
His “confessional tunes” got him time.

So limerick writers, take heed.
Your rhymes may be next. They could feed
A detective’s suspicions,
Who deems them admissions.
Then indictment — your verse his first lead.

Note: Legal experts are currently debating the surprisingly widespread use of rap lyrics in criminal cases.

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2 Responses to “A Rhyme To The Wise (2-Verse Limerick)”

  1. z. alexi says:

    2012 docu “Uprising: Hip Hop & the L.A. Riots” confirms Snoop Dogg looted L.A. retailers after Rodney King’s verdict & “isn’t repentant or apologetic about it.” Shawn Carter [JayZ] admits to selling crack cocaine in the 1980s & “was responsible for hundreds of deaths” he told Vanity Fair. “Snoop, JayZ, 50 Cent & Lil’Wayne have played a starring role in aggressively sexist hip-hop lyrics. If you want to find openly celebrated sexism, there’s no richer source or heftier contribution to the hostility & disrespect endured by women than hip-hop,” says Dr. Tricia Rose. “There’s nothing inspiring about a black man who can’t read, write or do math.”~yourblackworld.net. Music can be a widespread exchange of ideas about injustice but not when it’s swarming w/errors in syntax & labeling women “bitches” & worse. “Rappers: stop degrading & disrespecting people in your songs.”~africanamerica.org. Be the solution, not the problem. If these illiterates rap about being criminals, they’re guilty of being dumbasses. Profit from promoting hate, boys? “Pin her to the bed like a wrestler”~~JZ, that’s called assault. Asians & whites won’t decipher Ebonics so most rap sales are to blacks/browns. By age 26, almost no1 buys rap~~they grow up, whew. How it took only 2 verses to sum up these morons is beyond clever & talented…it’s downright provocative pyrotechnics. “Your verse his 1st lead” is priceless.

  2. Stormcat says:

    laughing at this . . . it truly is amazing how many criminals seal their own fate by generating evidence that proves their own guilt.