Limerick Ode To The Blobfish

I wrote this limerick in sympathy for the poor blobfish, recently declared to be the “world’s ugliest animal” and named the mascot for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society:

Limerick Ode To The Blobfish
By Madeleine Begun Kane

“I am NOT that bad looking a fish,”
Said the blobfish, a fish that ain’t swish.
“And it hurts when you smugly
Keep calling me ‘ugly,’
Though it beats being somebody’s dish.”

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25 Responses to “Limerick Ode To The Blobfish”

  1. brian miller says:

    hey ugly and live beats pretty in the belly…ha.

  2. shanyn says:

    Better to be live and ugly than pretty and eaten. Totally cool! Thanks for joining in!

  3. Mark says:

    I saw the picks…and yes, he will be safe from many dishes. Poor thing is a sight.

  4. Madeleine,

    I wrote about the blobfish a while ago and had to share.


    From the side and top views,
    he looks more like a fish,
    but head-on resembles
    Ziggy’s head on a dish.

    Looks melted and flabby
    Miserable and sulky
    A gelatinous mass
    Fat head that’s quite bulky

    Beady eyes and big nose
    An unquenchable frown
    A real bottom-feeder
    on what’s floating around.

    He’s becoming extinct.
    He’s as pale as a ghost.
    He is so seldom seen
    off Tasmanian coast.

    He’s as inedible
    as an old rubber boot.
    No muscles and lazy,
    so butt ugly he’s cute.

  5. Ohhhh poor thing. that’s not fair.

  6. His mother loves him.

  7. Claudia says:

    ha – better ugly than being someone’s dinner… so… smiles

  8. Hi.. just hope that being ugly helps… Got me thinking about the TV-series “I Claudius” about the ugly boy who survived the death among his good-looking siblings… but even he got eaten at the end…


  9. Mary says:

    Ha, one would guess even a blobfish has feelings.

  10. Interesting about ‘ugly’ in some parts of US; it means callous, mean, or just plain acting up. Which I guess we should add it to the urban dictionary to clarify. Your write is interesting, is there really a blobfish?

  11. Madhumakhi says:

    It beats being either way if you end up being eaten. I feel sorry for the poor blobfish.

  12. Panchali says:

    aww…that’s so sad! Why should people call something ugly…pity!

  13. Talon says:

    The poor blob (though I think he was named perfectly)…to be judged solely on looks! :)

  14. Debi Swim says:

    Cute. Maybe there is a girl blobfish that finds him “dishy”

  15. Anna :o] says:

    I think he’s kinda cute – looks a bit glum though.
    Anna :o]

  16. This is so funny. Poor fish!

  17. Jeep Walters says:

    Declaring the blobfish the ugliest creature is like getting a reprieve from the governor! Great humor; loving this Madeleine!

  18. grapeling says:

    blobby’s face is fit for the dial
    since his is a most piteous smile
    but if he can croon
    a melodious tune
    they’ll turn his yuck into a style

  19. madkane says:

    Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments!

  20. Sara v says:

    Mad, great limerick, and if ugly keeps him off a plate, I’d say fate has been good to him :-)

  21. Adamsmurphy says:

    To them you are ugly, but you ain’t to your mama! Cheer up!!

  22. Aww poor blob fish! But at least it won’t be somebody’s dish. Haha :)

  23. ZQ says:

    Well wasn’t that just a wonderful empty dish :-)