Dear Readers (Limerick)

Earlier this week, DVersePoets asked us how we feel about blog poetry feedback:

Dear Readers (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

When you visit my blog, don’t be mute.
Feel free to critique. Be astute.
Admiration is sweet,
And a LOL can’t be beat.
But I beg you, don’t say that it’s “cute.”

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12 Responses to “Dear Readers (Limerick)”

  1. Rachael says: was kinda cute ;)

  2. Doug says:

    I hereby faithfully promise to NEVER use the darn word.

  3. alan1704 says:

    Admiration is sweet – never a truer word written, i like it

  4. This is not cute :-)

  5. Judy Roney says:

    I really admire your work. It almost always leaves me with an LOL. Love when that happens!

  6. It’s not cute it’s witty.

  7. Serena says:

    Ahhh… this is so cute! Tee hee… says me, tongue in cheek.

  8. Dana Leah says:

    i’m not sure i’d ever use the word “cute” to describe poetry, even if written as cleverly as this! :)

  9. hahaha … another “cute” disliker…I knew we had more in common.
    Thanks for the Sunday smile :)

  10. JulesPaige says:

    Cute…is used way to often for those who can’t thing of other good descriptors. But sometimes ‘it’ says ‘it’ all.

  11. madkane says:

    Thanks so much for your kind and amusing comments!