Cruising For Laughs

I learned some valuable lessons during the second annual Lewis Black Comedy Cruise:

1: When stand-up comics like Lewis Black, Kathleen Madigan, John Bowman, Vic Henley, Mike Wilmot, Greg Proops, Jeff Stilson, and Tim Wilson are having great difficulty standing up, they aren’t necessarily drunk. It could also be THE HURRICANE.

2. My husband’s delusions of grandeur are no longer confined to his thinking he’s both a lawyer and an MD. He now thinks he’s a comedian.

Yes, hubby Mark Kane actually did a three-minute routine on “amateur comic night” — his virgin performance — and he did amazingly well.

And no, I didn’t perform any of my limericks. Why not? Because I can’t even remember what I wrote 30 seconds ago.

3) When you rumba really fast, and with lots of enthusiasm, it passes for dancing … at least on a ship-load of Lewis Black groupies.

Okay, right now you’re probably saying to yourself, “What’s with all this prose? I want me some limericks!”

Well don’t worry. I’ve written a half-dozen limericks about the cruise and some of the comedians who made it so much fun:

Cruising For Laughs
By Madeleine Begun Kane

We went cruising with Lew, Vic, Kathleen,
John and Wilmot, whose act sure ain’t clean.
Also Tim, Jeff and Greg,
And some hurricane — Meg???
Comics bravely tried not to careen.


Limerick Ode To Vic Henley
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The stand-up comedian Vic
Has a wit that’s incredibly quick.
He hails from the south,
But his city-smart-mouth
Conjures up multi-cultural schtick.


Limerick Ode To Mike Wilmot
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The off-color comic named Mike
Tells some jokes that the squeamish might spike.
But his musical tales
Provoked huge laughter gales.
So Mike’s funny, but leave home your tyke.


Mad Kane At Sea
By Madeleine Begun Kane

I’m afraid that I’m feeling at sea:
I went cruising — a comedy spree
With Lew Black and his crew,
Who were funny on cue.
How I miss all that laughter and glee!


Limerick Ode To Greg Proops
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The brilliant Greg Proops hurts my brain.
His routines nearly drive me insane:
His mind is so fast,
And his humor’s a blast,
Yielding laughter that leaves me in pain.


Pining For Lew
By Madeleine Begun Kane

I’m afraid I don’t know what to do,
Cuz I’m pining away for dear Lew.
To wait a full year
For more Lewis cruise cheer?
Such pain can’t be borne by this Jew.


(You can read my limericks about the 2010 cruise here and my Kathleen Madigan limerick here.)

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7 Responses to “Cruising For Laughs”

  1. Pat Hatt says:

    Got to see Greg Proops, I watched him on Whose Line Is it Anyway, sounds like a fun time.

  2. Jess P says:

    Sounds like a great time! A nice group of limericks.

  3. kaykuala says:

    Your limericks on the comics are great! Excellent readings! I hope I can see them on ‘Whose Line …Anyway’. Most times the regulars are featured though!


  4. Haha. Loved all those limericks. What fun to go on a comedy cruise! :)

  5. Dear Mad… “funny, you don’t LOOK Jewish…”

    Cruise of a lifetime, I imagine. I actually have been known to “blow my chops” (lose my singing voice) watching Greg Proops and the gang on “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” Especially when he works with Ryan Stiles, and this goes for both the Brit and American versions of the show, although I much preferred the British host and the pianist was YUMMY (yeah, and gay, I know…) Thanks for all these wonderful limericks! Still laughing, Amy
    Dragon’s Breath

  6. Jane says:

    Sounds like you all had a rhyming great time! Congrats to Mark for his successful performance, too! It’s pretty obvious that he is hysterically funny from his limerick entries, but it takes a lot of nerve to get on a stage. And you should do a commercial for that cruise. Your limericks would make anyone want to take it.

  7. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words about my limericks. We really did have a great time.

    Jane, Mark was delighted with your compliment. Thanks!

    Sharp Little Pencil, people do tend to assume I’m Irish because of my green eyes, small noise, and pale skin. :)

    It’s interesting that two of you are Proops fans. I wasn’t at all familiar with him until the cruise.