Our Adventures on the Lewis Black Comedy Cruise

I am not a cruise person. I hate the sun and I avoid boats and water whenever possible. Plus I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to buffets.

But when hubby Mark and I heard about the Lewis Black Comedy Cruise, featuring comedy greats like Kathleen Madigan, John Pinette, Ted Alexandro, Larry Wilmore, Vic Henley, Dom Irrera, and John Bowman, we couldn’t resist.

Wise decision!

Now even with that superb lineup, I was a little leery. In fact, I wrote this limerick before setting unsteady foot on that ship:

I’ve never attempted a cruise,
So I’m nervous — will need lots of booze.
But I could not resist
Such a great comic list.
I need laughs to get over the news.

But I needn’t have worried. Lewis Black was his usual hilarious self, as were all the other comics. Plus we had a great time with the comedians, who mingled after-hours with the riffraff … I mean, fans.

Here’s my two-verse limerick ode to Lewis Black (I wrote it mid-cruise when Internet connection rates were roughly a gazillion bucks a minute.)

The angry old comic Lew Black
Has a mind that is quite out of whack.
So he offered a cruise
Packed with laughter and booze,
Fulfilling a deep-seated lack.

Yes, Lew had a very strong yen
For more contact with women and men:
Lots of fun-loving folks
Who’d laugh at his jokes
And then trail him till heaven knows when.

And finally, my post-return limerick:

We’re home from a comic sensation:
Lew’s Cruise, filled with laughs and elation.
There’s another next year.
(The thought makes me tear.)
Thank you, Lew. You deserve each ovation.

Oh … and just so you know, Lewis Black isn’t just a comic genius — he’s also a mensch.

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10 Responses to “Our Adventures on the Lewis Black Comedy Cruise”

  1. Nate Levin says:

    really cool set of limericks

  2. Joyce T. says:

    Sounds like a perfect time for you and Mark, Mad! And your limericks rock.

  3. Kelly C. says:

    Well done with the Limericks.

  4. madkane says:

    Thanks, Kelly! That’s a wonderful compliment, especially coming from George Carlin’s daughter!

  5. madkane says:

    Thanks Joyce! As soon as I recover from our trip, I’ll get back to playing Lexulous — I promise!

  6. Veralynne says:

    Terrific report! Glad you had such a swell time!

    Oh, boy! Am I jealous of you!
    Off on a cruise with my Lew!
    Not just getting HIS best,
    But that of all the rest!
    Aw, truly, I’m hsppy for you!

  7. Joe Ditzel says:

    Mad, you are a limerick generating machine.

    Sounds like a great cruise.

  8. madkane says:

    Thanks Veralynne and Joe!

  9. BT says:

    Wow, you never stop coming up with catchy limericks, do you? :)
    I think this is going to make it in February’s blog carnival…