Keeping Abreast Of Bras

Keeping Abreast Of Bras
By Madeleine Begun Kane

There are gals who view bras as a gift,
For without ’em their breasts are adrift.
But other gals spurn ’em,
And some even burn ’em,
Giving men (and some women) a lift.

(In case you missed my Wonderbra song parody it’s here.)

UPDATE: Don’t forget to enter my Mother’s Day limerick writing contest. The deadline is May 12, 2007 and there are money prizes for the best two limericks.

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11 Responses to “Keeping Abreast Of Bras”

  1. aparna says:

    I say burning those bras is a bold
    Cry for freedom but gals must be told
    That boobs hanging free
    May soon touch the knee
    As the gravity starts taking hold!


  2. madkane says:

    Thanks for sharing your limerick, aparna!

  3. Calvin Warr says:

    I love women who love bras
    All shapes and sizes, maybe some extra
    Support or fashion are good reasons
    There must be a bra for all seasons!
    So, please don’t go and burn those bras!

  4. madkane says:

    Hmmm, it’s starting to sound like guys like bras more than women do. :)

  5. Calvin Warr says:

    I love bras and I’m a guy
    I’m sure you’re wondering why
    It’s simple, really nothing strange
    You see, I don’t get tempted when it rains
    Those pointy things won’t poke my eye!

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  10. Holly says:

    Oh how I hate bras…I’d take tank tops with those built-in bras that don’t do squat any day over a bra that makes me feel as if I’m about to suffocate throughout the day!

  11. Jerry Chase says:

    “In days of olde,
    So we are told;
    The bra was not yet invented:

    They wiggled and jiggled,
    And sometimes they giggled;
    Alas–could not be prevented!”

    Seriously, I love what bras support . . . but frankly, I do have a serious
    appreciation for women “doing without”, regardless of size. Their
    breasts don’t even have to move: I just like the “natural-ness” of
    breasts that are not all “strapped up”, as it were. And there is no
    truth to the rumor that without “modern-day bra technology” that
    women’s breasts would sag prematurely. Its simply is not so.

    The funny thing is that when bras first became common, older
    women disdained both the garment and the wearers of them,
    claiming frequently . . . “She only wears that thing to attract men!”
    Again, not so. We men simply adore nice boobs: there’s simply
    nothing so pleasant and soft as a woman’s breasts touching your
    face. Must we think that it’s any more complicated than that?